Coach's Take On Pete Clifford

Dusty Wittig catches up with Michigan State offensive line coach, Dan Roush, to get his perspective on Cardinal's rookie offensive lineman Pete Clifford. The Spartan coach shares about Pete's strengths and weaknesses, his off the field personality and how he thinks Pete is going to help the Arizona Cardinals win. Check out this and more in this exclusive.

Dusty Wittig: In your own words, what kind of player is Pete?

Dan Rousher: Pete is a guy that has a tremendous passion for the game. He has a great work ethic and determination, and is extremely coachable. I think that he has made himself out to be a pretty good football player.

DW: What is the best part of Clifford's game?

DR: What jumps out at me is his tenacity and toughness. He has a real determination to get the job done. Pete has always been very competitive and very conscientious of being a team guy and doing his job right. I think that he was a very good run blocker for us and did more than adequate job in his pass protection.

DW: What are some things that Pete needs to improve?

DR: The thing he needs to work on is his positioning and balance in his set, and incorporating these things into the scheme that is being used. He needs to concentrate on the use of his hands, the timing of his strike and the ability to continually stay in balance.

DW: What kind of guy is Pete off of the field?

DR: He is a tremendous person. He is a guy that around here everyone looked up to. He is very humbled and carried himself very well.

DW: How would you describe his leadership skills?

DR: I thought he did an outstanding job leading the offensive line. It was reflected when he was elected a captain by his peers.

DW: How do you think Pete will be able to adjust to the NFL caliber talent he will be playing against?

DR: I think he will do a good job. I'm anxious to watch him and he came a long ways in the short time we were around him. I think he will compete and do everything in his power to help the Arizona Cardinals win.

DW: What is your favorite memory of Pete?

DR: I don't think I could select one particular thing. When I think about Pete his competitive nature and determination to work sticks out. His work ethic was much appreciated around here.

DW: Any thing else that you would like to say about Pete?

DR: I think he is just a great guy and wish the very best where he is at. I'm hoping he represents us very well and does everything he can to better himself.

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