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Dusty Wittig continues his interview with Brandon Keith, this time for Insider's only. Check and see what Keith has to say about his relationship with former teammate Adrian Peterson, coming from a small school and how fellow Northern Iowa alum Kurt Warner has helped him. All this and more in this exclusive.

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Dusty Wittig: What strengths to you bring to the Cardinals?

Brandon Keith: I think my biggest strength is my versatility. I can play guard or tackle. I can run block strait or pulling, I believe I can block anybody on a pass rush. With my versatility I can be used anywhere, and I believe that I can be a force at some point because of it. That's what I bring more than anything.

DW: What are some things you need to improve in order to be successful in the NFL?

BK: Again I need to improve with the mental part of the game. Being able to trust the coaching staff, and being able to handle whatever they throw at me. I need to be mentally equipped to be able to think on my toes. When we first game into camp all of us rookies were a little lost. But now we are pulling together well and it's coming along very good.

DW: As a college player expecting to go pro, did you have any friends or contacts in the NFL you looked to for advice?

BK: There were a few. My old roommate at Oklahoma, Remi Ayodele who plays defensive tackle for the Cowboys has sent me a few text messages giving me advice. Adrian Peterson has instant messaged me on Facebook a few times helping me out. Those are the guys I know personally. I met a few guys at the combine, and we all shared advice and tried to help each other out. Also I have met a few guys through my agent that have been there for me.

DW: Being from a non BCS conference, there may be a lot of Cardinal fans out there not familiar with your game. How would you describe the way you play?

BK: When people see how big I am they think that I am going to be a strictly power guy. I can give you the power game against anyone, but also I surprise a lot of people when they see me move and pull. I would say that I am very versatile. Sometimes I am playing against guys that don't know who I am, and when they see how fast I am for a 340 pounder they ask me like "whoa, where did you come from". I usually just laugh and go back to the huddle.

DW: Because you are from a smaller school, how much harder have you had to work to get your name out there and showcase your talent?

BK: I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I always felt that all it would take was for the right guy to see me play. And when that happened my game started to get more attention. The toughest part was getting the name of my college out there. People are always like "you go where?" And I would have to tell them three times sometimes.

DW: You went to the same college (Northern Iowa University) as Cardinal quarter back Kurt Warner. Has he spoken with you or helped you out in anyway to ease the transition between college and the pros?

BK: He has helped me a lot. He has talked to me more about the business side of the game then the actual game itself. Things like: how I need to conduct myself, how intense it is going to be, how I need to be prepared for everything and to be in shape physically and mentally. Also like how I need to be ready to play through any situation, whether something happens with my family, friends or whatever. He tells me that I need to take advantage of any opportunity I have and that when it is my time, it is my time. Mostly it is stuff to motivate me and be prepared for.

DW: How have you and offensive line coach Russ Grimm gotten along?

BK: Haha, pretty good. Ole coach man, he's something else. But the thing about him is that he doesn't treat the starters different from the rookies. He will coach everybody. We have a lot of jokes and have fun out there. He is a players coach, but when you look at him you think he is pretty intimidating. When we got to know each other, and he is telling jokes it just kills me.

DW: Who is the best defensive player you have ever gone up against?

BK: Dusty Dvoracek when I was OU. I have never seen a guy come off the ball so quick and hit me.

DW: You had a bad hamstring during the combine, how is that feeling?

BK: It is good now. The only thing I was angry at myself at the combine for was my forty yard dash time. I ran it in 4.8 seconds, but there is no telling how fast it would have been if I were 100%. I strained it during my last game, where we lost to Delaware in the playoffs. I didn't have time to heal because I had to get ready for the combine, but like I said, now it is good.

DW: What are you planning for your first NFL paycheck?

BK: I'm going to do something special for my mother and grandmother. That's pretty much it. I will get something for myself later in the year, but I am going to do something nice for them first.

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