Coach's Take On DE Jason Banks's Dusty Wittig catches up with Jason Banks's former defensive line coach in the next installment of our Coach's Perspective series. Grambling State Defensive Coordinator/ Defensive Line Coach Clifford Yoshida speaks with Wittig about the rookie defensive end's athleticism, his chances of making the team, his off the field character and more in this exclusive.

Dusty Wittig: In your words, what kind of player is Jason?

Clifford Yoshida: For us he was a real good player. He is big, strong, pretty athletic and has good quickness. What hurt him was that he had three different defensive line coaches in four years. I was his third and each coach teaches something differently. I believe that handicapped him a little bit. But he ran a 4.9 forty during our pro day and physically speaking he is a guy you are looking for. He has a lot of talent.

DW: What is the strongest part of Jason's game?

CY: I have to say his athleticism. He plays the run pretty well. I think one of the things that helped him is that he came to our program as a defensive end, where he played in space a little bit. This past year he played nose guard for us. Having the experience and quickness that he gained from playing outside benefited him a lot in the inside. But once again his strongest suit is his athleticism coming off of the ball. He has a good initial take off and is pretty strong which made him very hard to block on our level.

DW: What are the things that he is going to have to improve in order to make the Cardinal's roster?

CY: He has got to improve his overall balance. At times he can come off of the ball a little high and has too narrow of a base. He is 6'4", and for big guys like that, if they do not keep their pad level down they can get knocked off balance.

DW: What kind of guy is Jason off of the field?

CY: He is a great character kid. He is one class away from graduating and the last time I talked to him he was doing an online class to finish it up. He has never had an issue of off the field, never gotten into trouble and has been a good student. Jason is one of those guys that you always would like to have in your program.

DW: What is your favorite memory of Jason?

CY: Just being around the guy. He loved to talk and had a great sense of humor. He was just a fun guy to be around, and would keep everybody loose on the practice field. Those are my best memories of Jason.

DW: What do you think Jason's chances are of making the Cardinals?

CY: Like most undrafted guys, I think Jason would be a long shot to make the team. But I think they would be wise to at least keep him on the practice squad. You can never tell when you are going to get an opportunity to make the roster. I think he will need to get on the practice squad and work his way up. His future is ahead of him and he is a real good athlete. He just needs experience at that level and I think he needs to just work hard and earn his spot. Big bodied guys like him are hard to find, so I think he has a very good chance of at least making the practice squad.

DW: Is there anything else you would like to say about Jason?

CY: I just hope things work out for him because he is a real super kid. I'm glad he got the opportunity. I think he has a real good shot of sticking if he works hard. Because big bodies like that are hard to come by. I just hope he takes advantage.

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