Coach's Take On Wide Receiver Early Doucet

The Cardinals were expected to pick up some WR depth in the later rounds, but Early Doucet was too good to pass up in the third. Dusty Wittig catches up with LSU wide receiver coach DJ McCarthy who discusses Doucet's comparison with Cardinals' superstar Anquan Boldin, how Doucet will live up to his playmaker nickname, why Doucet will beat out Steve Breaston for the No. 3 role and more.

Dusty Wittig: What kind of player is Early?

DJ McCarthy: His nickname is the playmaker, so all he does his find ways to make plays.

DW: What is the best part about his game?

DJM: He always finds ways to make a play. He will come down with a big catch between three guys, or break a couple tackles to get a first down, make a catch and run to convert fourth downs and will get into the end zone for you. He is put together well enough, kind of like Anquan Boldin. He will be able to compete and play in the NFL for a lot of years.

DW: What is something that Early needs to work on in order to become successful in the NFL?

DJM: His break away speed. He's not a blazer, but runs good routes. Early's flat out speed isn't like some other guys. .

DW: Doucet is in a battle for the number 3 wide receiver spot, after Bryant Johnson's departure. How do you think Early will be able to separate himself from the others?

DJM: Early is crafty. It's going to be tough to keep him off the field because he can play multiple positions. He is going to make plays. When the lights are on Early shines the best.

DW: You have compared Early to Anquan Boldin, could you expand on this comparison?

DJM: Their build is the same, around the same height and weight. They have close to the same upbringing; both were former high school quarterbacks and have great knowledge of the game. They both want to be the best in everything they do. They both have close to the same 40 yard dash time, and both got drafted a little later than they wanted to be. Because of that, it seems like both of them carry chips on their shoulders and use that to motivate them on the field. Finally they are both quality kids and will do everything that they have asked you to do.

DW: What kind of guy is Early off of the field?

DJM: He is a great fun loving guy. His teammates love him. Early is a family man, he takes care of his kid and does community service. He comes to my house and plays catch with my kids. He is just a great kid and will be great for the community over there.

DW: : How would you describe his leadership skills?

DJM: He is not a vocal leader. Early is more of a lead by example guy. He isn't a big raw-raw player, more of a tell me what I need to do and I will get it done type. In Arizona he is in a good situation, like he was here. He has the proven leaders like Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald already there, so Early can step back and learn from those guys. He just needs to come in, do his job, help on special teams and make plays.

DW: What is your favorite memory of Early?

DJM: On the field, probably the Auburn game. We were down and our offense wasn't doing anything. I turned around and looked at him and Early had a look that said "coach, give me the ball". So I got onto the phone to the head coach and told him that Early needs the ball. The next offensive play Early made a big catch between defenders for a first down. And the offense rolled after that. He just makes plays when they need to be made. Early is someone you can count on for that.

DW: What is Early going to have to do to make this team?

DJM: If he doesn't make the team I will be shocked. He just needs to make plays. He can play multiple positions and will work hard on special teams. He just needs to be a playmaker and play his game.

DW: Is there anything else that you would like to say about Early?

DJM: You guys have a great one over there. I know that this kid is going to be a player in the NFL because he is just as good as those other guys.

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