Fans Sound Off In Forums takes a tour of the message boards to gather the top five arguments about what the Cardinals 2008 season has in store. This for the fans, by the fans article, highlights some rookie posters and the regulars. Turns out, even the veterans are wrong sometimes.

cgolden36 writes:

I really like what Keilen Dykes brings to the table, and it's just a matter of time until he starts contributing. Unfortunately though, we're so deep at defensive end and tackle. I don't see how he can make the first 53. I'd expect he makes the practice squad this season and then next year when Antonio Smith and possibly Bryan Robinson (the vet) are gone he should be able to slide into the rotation. He'd be my first choice to activate though if injuries strike the defensive ends.

Reddog7 writes:

I think the Cards chances of winning the division will depend on what Matt Leinart does more so than what Seattle does. It will be a close race for sure with these two the favorites, but I see an injury free (or at least minimal) Cardinals team tough to beat if Leinart lives up to the type of leadership he showed in that Monday night game with the Bears before things fell apart. A breakout season for him means an O-line that has finally come into its own and a running game that finally evolves. Boldin and Fitz will reach another level if we establish a strong, consistent running game. I believe our defense can take care of the rest.

Tim Castille

Reeddevil writes:

Three new Cards players that could really help the team attack opposing offenses:

1. Ben Patrick- Better blocker than people think, but excellent pass catcher with speed to get some YAC (yards after catch). I bet he sees at least 3-5 balls thrown his way per game...just to keep the linebackers honest and on their heels in the run game. If not, Patrick could catch one and take it 25-30yrds.

2. Tim Castille- Not only a good blocker, but quick and fast with good hands. I can see him being used on FB screens or swing passes...again to keep the LB's on their heels having to cover and think about everything.

3. Tim Hightower- I personally believe we will see him this year quite a bit. I wouldn't doubt we see him get 7-10 carries a game. He too has good hands and as a power back out of the backfield, I could see him breaking the first tackle and getting good YAC. I bet we see Tim average 4-4.5 yards per carry his first year and will be primed to start by year two.

Redman2000 writes:

Early Doucet
Miller Safrit/Getty

I am a big Mike Jenkins fan. I was hoping we would pick him pre-draft, but that was because Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was slotted to be picked higher. I think Jenkins is probably a little more "pro-ready." DRC, however, can match up with bigger receivers has the speed to hang with the smaller guys and has the raw tools to be a great corner in the NFL. DRC may take a couple of years to make an impact, but only because he attended a smaller school and will have to adjust to better competition. However, going against Boldin and Fitzgerald in practice will do two things to any rookie. Humble them and learn what it's like to go up against the best. As long as we didn't pick Leodis McKelvin, I would have been happy with either cornerback.

On another note, man was I off on the Early Doucet pick. I was not impressed with him right after the draft, but he seems to be catching on and is the favorite to be our third wide receiver. So let me be the first to say I may be wrong about some earlier comments I made concerning our third pick.

Idahocard writes:

It seems that in the majority of games last season, we were not the first team to score. I do not wish to see a repeat of that this year. We need to score early and pile it on so we can bring in the reserves for experience and mop-up duty.

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