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It's a special time for all Americans and a special time here at Independence Day is Friday, July 4th and we think it's a great opportunity to show our appreciation to those who visit Get up-to-date with all the Cardinals rookies, buzz surrounding the team and much more.

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Rookie Interviews has been busy catching up with all the Cardinals' rookies. Peruse through and you'll see some of the top names who are now in red.

--Find out what offensive tackle Brandon Keith thinks about his new digs, click here.

--Can't get enough of the running rookie back Tim Hightower? Click here for an exclusive interview with the rookie that will be making waves at training camp.

--Find out more about offensive lineman Peter Clfford here. caught up with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, read on . confirmed more than 30 offseason visits, who was on the list? Find out who the Cardinals were shopping .

Coach's Perspective Series

Who knows a rookie's chances better than their former coaches? Here is a sample of some of the coaches has interviewed about the rookie's attitude, talent and more.

--Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie's former defensive coordinator tells all .

--Why was Early Doucet too good to pass up? LSU wide receiver coach answers that question.

--Does Chris Harrington really have a shot of making the team? His former defensive line coach will bet on it. Find out why, here .

--Why is Tim Hightower's name being mentioned as the No. 2 running back? His former coach has all the answers.

--Find out more about rookie defensive end Jason Banks, from his former defensive coordinator .

--Why do the Cardinals have two Bryan Robinson's? Click here to find out. Analysis

--Who is more valuable, Karlos Dansby or Adrian Wilson? See how breaks it down, click here .

--What will the savvy veterans and talented youngsters bring to the defensive side of the ball? Check out Brad Wilbricht's "Training Camp: What to Watch on Defense."

--How will he Cardinals strength of schedule effect their season? Find out here .

--Which schools funnel the most talent to the Cardinals? Think you know the answer? Click here .

--Will the Cardinals trade Bert Berry, here is our take .

--Take a tour into Seattle's locker room .

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