Exclusive Q&A With Rookie Kenny Iwebema

Dusty Wittig continues his series of rookie interviews, this time with DE Kenny Iwebema in the hot seat. The former University of Iowa standout talks about his favorite non-football athlete, the moment when he realized he had NFL potential, his goals for the upcoming season and more in this AZRedReport.com exclusive.

Click here for the insiders only portion of the Kenny Iwebema interview where he talks about the leadership of a current Cardinals player, the biggest difference between pro and college, the best part about playing for the Cardinals.

Dusty Wittig: Who were your favorite teams and players growing up?

Kenny Iwebema: The Cowboys, then basically anybody that played for them.

DW: What is your favorite non-football activity?

KI: Sleeping.

DW: What is your favorite non-football athlete?

KI: Michael Jordan.

DW: When did you know you had NFL potential?

KI: When they started telling me. I would say it was when I started training with other guys that were projected to go in the draft. I knew I was pretty good but when I got out there and I was running with them, I knew I could hang with them. That solidified it for me.

DW: Who were your biggest football and non-football influences growing up and why?

KI: Charles Haley is the one who made me want to play defensive end, and my high school football coach Anthony Criss helped me out a lot. My non-football influences are my parents.

DW: What is your favorite college moment?

KI: Graduating.

DW: Pass rushers can be critical to a team's pass defense. How are you looking to help improve the Cardinals 28th ranked pass defense?

KI: Doing whatever the coaches tell me too. Right now I'm just tying to make the team.

DW: Other than making the team, what are some of your goals for the upcoming season?

KI: Right now I'm just trying to be a part of this team and make some kind of impact so I can get out on that field.

DW: Is there a game on the upcoming 2008 schedule that you're particularly looking forward to playing?

KI: I can't wait to play the Cowboys. I basically have no choice but to look forward to that game, because everyone is talking about it when I go home.

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