Training Camp: Monday Standouts

The Arizona Cardinals took the field this morning for their second week of training camp. Players and fans were excited for a days worth of football and a chance to further define the team's upcoming roster. Kate Hinojosa is on location in Flagstaff and outlines Monday's top performers in this exclusive

Monday was full of star players coming out and bringing their best in effort to solidify their position for the Cardinals upcoming season. Five hopefuls stood out amongst the others and caught the attention of onlookers. On offense, QB Matt Leinart, WR Steve Breaston, TE Leonard Pope and RB Edgerrin James all had outstanding workouts. First-round draft pick CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was the early highlight on defense.

Leinart showed a stunning performance in the early morning session. With backup QB Kurt Warner pushing for playing time, Leinart displayed terrific skills during the quarterback drills. From target practice to tackle evasion and running passes, Leinart brought his game and the fans showed their respects to their starting quarterback. Coming off a season-ending collarbone injury, Leinart had an excellent practice leaving fans confident about his health.

Breaston, entering his second NFL season, came to the field with a positive and ready-to-play attitude. With rookie WR Early Doucet aiming for the third wide receiver position, Breaston needs to bring everything he has to each and every practice in order to lock in his position. Breaston shined amongst the other receivers thanks to his speed and intensity. He made quick breaks and strong catches throughout the morning practice.

TELeonard Pope
(Andy Lyons/Getty)

Pope had another exciting practice as he showed his athleticism and power. Also competing to keep his starting position, Pope exhibited his desire to retain his status as the Cardinals top tight end. Demonstrating his power blocking ability, Pope held nothing back during practice. His performance gave second-year TE Ben Patrick a run for his money on the field.

Recently signed Rodgers-Cromartie also showed a strong performance Monday morning. Rodgers-Cromartie is taking on the likes of Rod Hood and Eric Green for a starting position. Though he may not be ready to start, Rodgers-Cromartie's performance on the field showed complete capability of handling the job. He kept his coverage tight and was never outran or outplayed by the receivers. Along with great speed and strength he showed tremendous strides at practice.

As expected, James also came to the field with a tremendous performance. The recently turned 30-year old running back showed little signs of aging throughout the morning. He was on top of every play, drill, and exercise he performed. With his health and desire still very much intact, Edge is poised for a breakout season in Arizona.

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