DRC Picks off Warner, Outplays Fitz

In less than a week, the Cardinals will host the New Orleans Saints. With full speed action against opposing teams just around the corner, the intensity level continues to rise at camp. The Cardinals have looked sharp thus far, executing on both sides of the ball. The team is a good mix of rookies, role players, and stars, with size, speed and strength. Jason Harris has your camp details.

Fitz Shaken

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald gave coaches, players, and fans a huge scare today when he landed awkwardly, after jumping up in the air to haul-in a pass during 7-on-7. Slow to get up, it appeared Fitzgerald hit his head on the ground. Walking to the sideline under his own power, Fitzgerald would not return to the drill.

He would also sit out the beginning of full team scrimmage, but was back to laying out for balls by the end of practice. If you didn't know who he was, you'd think Fitzgerald was an undrafted rookie trying to make the team, the way he hustles for balls thrown his direction.

Pressure of Being No. 1

Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner have been alternating with the first team since camp opened. Whisenhunt has been getting Warner reps for two reasons. First, to keep him familiar with the first team offense incase something were to happen to Leinart. Second, to put pressure on Leinart to perform. Leinart was feeling that pressure today during individual target practice.

The second time though the drill, Warner hit four-out-of-five targets, receiving applause from much of the crowd. With the fans watching, Leinart had trouble matching Warner's accuracy. Leinart missed on all five attempts and was visible upset with himself afterwards. He would redeem himself later during 11-on-11 with a few nice passes.

DRC Fitting in With First Team

First round draft pick, cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was running with the first team defense in place of corner Eric Green, who was excused from practice to tend to personal business. Rodgers-Cromartie made the most of his opportunity by continuing to show off his ball hawking abilities.

Note to opposing quarterbacks, don't throw Rodgers-Cromartie's way. He has made a living picking off short routes so far at camp and today was no different. Rodgers-Cromartie jumped in front of a Kurt Warner pass and took it the other way.

Maybe even more impressive, was the man coverage Rodgers-Cromartie played on streaking wide receiver Fitzgerald later in the series. Running stride for stride, Rodgers-Cromartie out leaped, jump ball specialist Fitzgerald, to knock the ball away. Both players and fans were impressed.

On Their Dime

If it wasn't already intimidating enough for quarterbacks to look across the line and see safeties Adrian Wilson and Antrel Rolle lined up on the hash marks, imagine how receivers and backs are going to feel with the two safeties playing third and four cornerback in dime situations. Safeties Aaron Francisco and Matt Ware come in to play deep. With four safeties on the field, the physical Cardinals dime package should be in great position to stop 3rd and a few.

Injury Bug

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin will undergo an MRI exam Friday on his sore right hamstring. He has been working hard on the sidelines to get back, but the nagging injury has kept him out almost a week. This is a precautionary move on the part of the Cardinals.

Newly promoted second-string center Scott Peters ended up at the bottom of a pile during 11-on-11. Peters hurt his left knee and had to be carted off the field. The Cardinals are already without starter Al Johnson who is having knee issues of his own. . The way Peters was yelling curse words today, it sounds serious.

Linebacker Clark Haggans sat out Thursday with an undisclosed injury, but he is expected to return Friday.

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