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With camp well underway, a rookie receiver is doing everything possible to fly above the radar, while the coaches are asking more of his superstar counterpart, Larry Fitzgerald. RB Tim Hightower is expected to see some major reps in preseason, Bert Berry is trying to hold off Travis LaBoy and Deuce Lutui is working hard to get above his "bonehead" mistakes. has all your updates.

WR Lance Long

Long, a rookie free agent from Mississippi State has been an unlikely star in this training camp. Long caught only 14 passes as a senior last year and started just two games, yet he has made impressive plays almost daily in camp.

"He's exciting to watch," coach Ken Whisenhunt said, "but you have to temper that with the fact he hasn't played in a game yet. That's going to be the real test for him, it kind of goes in stages. I sit there in the spring and say, 'well, I've got to see him in pads.' Then when we get the pads on, I'll say, 'I have to see him in games.'"

RB Tim Hightower

Hightower, the team's fifth-round pick, figures to get a lot of work in preseason games. Coaches want to find out if he's capable or spelling Edgerrin James or if he's another year or two away.

WR Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is under more scrutiny by coaches, who are demanding more since Fitzgerald signed a four-year, $40 million deal this off-season. They want Fitzgerald to run better routes and become better at running after the catch. Haley reviewed video and thinks Fitzgerald could have scored three or four more touchdowns and gained 300 or so more yards if he was just average at running after a reception.

WR Anquan Boldin

Boldin hopes to return to practice soon after missing nearly a week of work with a hamstring strain. Cynics might say that Boldin isn't pushing himself because of his contract dispute, but that would be out of character for the Pro Bowl receiver.

OLB Bertrand Berry

Berry is holding off Travis LaBoy for the starting weak outside linebacker spot. The position, called "Predator" in the team's scheme, is more of a rush lineman. Berry took a pay cut this off-season, from $4 million to $1 million, after finishing the previous three seasons on the injured list. LaBoy, a free agent from the Titans, is pushing Berry hard, however, and both will play.

RG Deuce Lutui

Lutui made too many "bonehead" errors last year, said coach Ken Whisenhunt. That's one reason why Lutui is being seriously pushed by Elton Brown for a starting job. So far, Lutui is holding on to the job.

OT Brandon Keith

Keith, a seventh-round pick, is having an impressive camp. He lost 25 pounds before camp started and he has displayed excellent quickness and technique. The club is working him as a backup right tackle but eventually would like to look at him at left tackle and possibly guard.

WR Early Doucet

Doucet, the third-round pick, had two great days of practice last week. Unfortunately, he suffered a hamstring strain at end of one practice and is going to miss some time.

DE Kenny Iwebema

Iwebema, a fourth-round pick, could figure into the rotation on first and second downs. Iwebema is strong, according to the team's offensive linemen, and hard to move out of position.

NT Gabe Watson

Watson probably will miss all of training camp while recovering from a fractured kneecap in the off-season. Watson is progressing well, but the medical team wants him to build the muscles around the knee. Watson has kept his weight down. He weights 323, the least amount he's weighed since high school.

LB Monty Beisel

Beisel is recovering from back surgery and hopes to begin practice soon.

LB Clark Haggans

Haggans has a groin strain but shouldn't miss much more time.

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