LaBoy Schooled, Francisco Hit, Fitz Held

The morning walk-through ended early and without much excitement. The Cardinals caught a movie at the local theater in Flagstaff, after being given the afternoon off for all their hard work, but the drama wasn't on the big screen. Night practice under the lights turned ugly and stayed ugly as the defense fought the offense and the offense argued amongst each other.

Day and Night

It started during 7-on-7. Players on opposing sides of the ball begin talking trash to one another. Thing would get serious when free agent linebacker Travis LaBoy blindsided third string quarterback Brian St. Pierre during team scrimmage.

Immediately Ken Whisenhunt reached out attempting to grab LaBoy. Before Whisenhunt could discipline LaBoy, Kurt Warner, back up linemen Kelly Butler, who was in at the time, and the rest of the offense took matters into their own hands. Warner began yelling at LaBoy, while Butler tried getting physical. After separating all parties, LaBoy spent the rest of practice as far down the defensive sideline as possible. He tried pleading his case but the coaches weren't buying it. His night was over.

Although unsportsmanlike, the scuffle could only be considered an under card to what followed. During goal line the punches really started flying. Safety Aaron Francisco stood up running back Tim Hightower in the hole, before being on the wrong end of a Hightower fist. Francisco would throw Hightower to the ground and the melee would ensue. Both sides of the ball begin cussing and shoving one another. The fighting became even more bizarre moments later off the field.

"That's bullshit," starting tackle Levi Brown yelled out before slamming his helmet on the ground. Brown's bouncing helmet wouldn't receive much attention. The entire building was focused on franchise star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Both Fitzgerald and Brown were being restrained by teammates and could be seen exchanging words. Practice didn't last long after that. After practice all players expressed that they wanted to put it behind them and look forward to Saturday's game in Kansas City against the Chiefs.

Practice wasn't a complete lose

Warner connected with Fitzgerald half a dozen times during 11-on-11. He also had successful hook ups with receiver Anquan Boldin. Minus an interception to Francisco, Warner looks ready to have a big day on Saturday. Anquan continues to impress. The Cardinals training staff did an outstanding job handling Boldin's injury. He is showing no signs of rust. An instant upgrade to the game day line up, Boldin should make things easier for the Cardinals offensive. Also showing off their hands under the light were fullback Tim Castille and Jamaica Rector. Both caught a pair of tough passes.

Missing out

The injured list got rid of cornerback Roderick Hood but kept corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Listed as day-to-day Rodgers-Cromartie was sidelined for the night. Also sitting out was Darnell Dockett.

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