Five To Watch: Cardinals vs. Chiefs

The preseason keeps on rolling along and with it are the hopes and aspirations of the rookies and veterans alike. With last week's loss only visible in the rear-view mirror, the Cardinals look to show continued improvement against the Kansas City Chiefs. Here are five players worth watching this Saturday.

1. J.J. Arrington

If last week was any indicator, J.J. Arrington has done little to improve his skills since last season. His first action of 2008 was disastrous, to say the least. He showed virtually no presence in the running game and even managed to drop the lone pass thrown his way. Tim Hightower has locked up the back up running back spot and if Arrington cannot prove that he is the home run threat missing to the Cardinals offense, his career as a Cardinal could come to an end.

2. Kurt Warner

Warner was M.I.A. during the contest against the New Orleans Saints. This week he should see plenty of playing time. Matt Leinart seems to have a firm grasp on the starter role and without a spectacular showing from Warner this battle will officially be over. Warner should get a least one series with the first unit and it will be important to see how he fares compared to Leinart.

3. Lyle Sendlein

Replacing the injured Al Johnson, Sendlein has made a positive impact thus far. Last season he filled in admirably and looks to solidify his role as the reserve center. If he continues is progress he could easily push Johnson for playing time. With the propensity offensive lineman show for injuries, Sendlein may see plenty of action this season.

4. Ali Highsmith

Highsmith was impressive in his Cardinal debut. After recording a team high six tackles and forcing a fumble he needs to build on that effort in order to secure his position on the team. The biggest issue with Highsmith was his sloth-like 40-yard dash. He attributed his 5.0 40 to a bad ankle and poor technique. Last week he showed that speed is not everything when it comes to playing linebacker. The addition of ex-49er Brandon Moore places an immense amount of pressure on Highsmith not to become the odd man out in a crowded LB corp.

5. Antrel Rolle

Unsure best describes Rolle's performance last week. Now that he has a game under his belt he needs to show what he has learned. Adrian Wilson is known for his blitzkrieg style of play and without quality decision-making by the other safety his gambles could lead to touchdowns for the opponents. Rolle must prove that he can successfully make the transition, thereby showing the Cardinals that they did not waste a first round draft pick.

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