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San Diego passed the Cardinals over for a preseason game, opting to go with the Dallas Cowboys who would no-doubt bring in higher ticket sales. But Chargers fans have taken on the loaded question "who would you trade for Boldin." SDBoltReport.com has two pages of Boldin what-ifs. Here's the good stuff from those conversations. So you know, the fans don't address that Boldin isn't going anywhere.


I've heard twice that Anquan Boldin is available via trade. With the contracts of Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson coming due soon, we have to be thinking about replacements.

Boldin wants a long-term deal and Chambers or Jackson may not be around in a couple years. So, here's the question...

Would you trade Jackson and a third rounder for Anquan Boldin?

As good as Jackson can be, Boldin is still an upgrade, not to mention a guy with nearly zero risk. I also like this trade because it gives us an even stronger offense THIS year when we're making our strongest push for the Super Bowl ever.

I think there's also a *chance* that Boldin would pull a Kris Dielman and take a little less money to play for a contender. Boldin is also the kind of possession receiver that's perfect for Philip Rivers, an accurate short/intermediate passer.

The downside of the trade is obvious. I think there are two things to consider. First, would Boldin's contract make it harder to keep a star like Shawne Merriman or Antonio Cromartie. I'm assuming that's not the case, but it's not exactly a safe assumption.

So, what do you think? Would you trade Jackson and a third round pick for Boldin?


I would be open to the trade, depending on contract negotiations. If Boldin is willing to sign a cap friendly long-term deal then yes. If he already has a long term contract that isn't too expensive and won't hold out for more money then yes.


I can't say that I or the Chargers would trade for him. He wants $10 million a year money like Fitzgerald received. Is trading for Anquan worth losing Merriman, McNeil or Cromartie?? Which one would you let go?

Mike Lombardo (SDBOltReport.com publisher)

If the Chargers could add Boldin and it meant losing Merriman, I'd be okay with that decision. Merriman is a special talent, but with Shaun Phillips and Jyles Tucker already in the fold, letting Merriman sign a record-setting contract elsewhere wouldn't be the worst thing that ever happened to the franchise.

The reason I say this is that I believe Anquan Boldin is one of the two best receivers in the NFL. I believe Boldin and Andre Johnson are the two best receivers -- 1 and 1a, if you will -- and Boldin could combine with Antonio Gates to give Philip Rivers the most dominant pass-catching duo in the game.


I know that it is a loaded question...that's why I asked. My point is more along the line of a Payton Manning-esque salary of $10 million a year eating up the salaries for the rest of a team at a position(WR) that has historically not been a need for a super bowl team.

A better question or additional question for Mike would be when was the last time that the number one wide receiver in the NFL was on a Super Bowl winning team? I'm thinking maybe Jerry Rice back in the day.........???


I've been watching Jyles Tucker for two training camps now, and I can definitely say that he has Pro Bowl potential if given the right opportunity. He has been dominating just about every Chargers lineman in one-on-one drills, and it will be very hard to keep him off the field this year. It also helps his cause that he has been outstanding when given opportunities to play during the regular season, and if we don't give him a real shot, we're going to be kicking ourselves when someone else does.

While losing Merriman would hurt -- he is a fan favorite and a difference-maker -- putting Tucker in his place would significantly soften the blow. He could become an all-time undrafted steal in the mold of Antonio Gates once he gets regular shots at playing time, and he deserves the chance to prove his worth to the Chargers.

As for Boldin, he is a very good receiver but is far too ego-centric. The Chargers don't want to pick up players who are going to complain about wanting more money every year, especially when the current team has such great chemistry as-is.

VJ has shown flashes of greatness in the past couple seasons, and with Chambers lined up opposite him for an entire season the sky is the limit for his production this year. He is a dangerous weapon, one that I would much rather keep on our team.

Also, A.J. is so great in terms of the draft that I would hate to take a valuable pick away from him, especially given his penchant for packaging picks and trading up to get the guy he really wants (such as Eric Weddle and Jacob Hester).


I think it would be a horrible thing to do... VJ is too physically gifted, stronger, faster, and has more upside than Boldin... Yes, at times he has a lack of concentration, but i'd still take him over Boldin, especially if it is him and draft picks for Boldin... Just my opinion


I like San Diego's current crop of receivers, as well, but Boldin would be a huge upgrade over anyone on the roster. Boldin is actually a more dominant pass-catcher than Antonio Gates, so to pair those two would be unbelievable. For Rivers, having those two together on the field on third downs would be a surreal luxury.


Having a WR who commanded double coverage would surely open things up for LT and Gates to mention a few. Still i dont give up my pass rushers if i want to beat the Indy's and New Englands of the world.


I agree with thrill. The only way to beat Manning(Peyton) and Brady is with an unblockable pass rush.....ask the luckier than sin...NY Giants.

The Giants would not have had a prayer to win the Super Bowl without an unbelievable pass rush, and the Chargers need the NFL's best pass rushers to beat Indy and New England as well. Just my opinion.

One more thing. Anyone can answer this is they like. If you have Chambers, VJ, Gates, LT on the screen and Naanee on the Wes "We Should Have Never Got Rid of Him" Welker short route all going out to catch the ball...if the ball isn't going to the open man than is the QB the weak link or the #2 receiver(VJ) ???

Just so you know I kicked,screamed and yelled when the Chargers put Welker on the PS squad. I knew someone would sign him. He was great in camp and he blew up in the pre-season.


Two notes about keeping Merriman just for matchups against the Colts and Patriots:

1) It is always dangerous to shape your team to match up well against one or two opponents in the post-season. Inevitably, those matchups never come to fruition. The Chargers already seem to be heading down that road, however, by drafting Cason to cover the likes of Wes Welker and Anthony Gonzalez.

2) However, if you ignore the advice above, Boldin could wreak havoc against the Patriots or Colts. The Pats are paper-thin at CB after losing Asante Samuel and the Colts have one of the most undersized secondaries in the League, which would make for easy pickings for a large, physical specimen like Boldin


No doubt bringing another reciever into the fold may effect our morale then again Boldin is a top ten wideout something we havent had. The question is what do we do to get over the top on our competition? I've seen it done many ways and many times the most talented team isnt the one who raises the Lombardi trophy. In other words togetherness and cohesion can take a team further than one individual. The Giants, Colts and Steelers all seem to prove that.

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