Extra Drills Say Tackling & Blocking to Blame

As camp dwindles down to its final week, pressure sets in as the Cardinals continue to tighten up their team before the start of the 2008 season. Though many injuries have set in over the past weeks, Ken Whisenhunt is still pressing his team forward and after last preseason game again the Chiefs, he came back to camp on Monday with the focus on tackling and blocking.

The leading cause of the Cardinals preseason game mishaps has continually been poor tackling and blocking. Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints managed to pass for more than 300 yards and despite the loss, the Chiefs were able to rush for 153 yards. Those numbers could have been significantly lower if the tackles were made at first contact or if the tackles weren't completely missed.

Completely aware of the issue, Ken Whisenhunt put an emphasis on tackling drills Monday with both sides of the ball partaking. With the injury bug flying around the drills were more of a rehearsal with tackle dummies rather than one-on-one contact.

Adrenaline can't be recreated and a live game everything changes, though it seemed that the drills could potentially give the players a stronger grasp on their skills for a potentially better performance come game day.

Another positive aspect of Monday's afternoon practice was the return of three injured players, Darnell Dockett, Early Doucet, and Monty Beisel. Though they are not completely recovered from their past injuries they were slowly working their ways into the reps.

It seemed missing two weeks put Doucet in a rough spot for the third wide receiver position, though hopefully as he gets healthy he can once again enter the running. Though unfortunately Antrel Rolle was unable to return to practice along with the other three and is still out with an ankle sprain. His exact return is still uncertain but it will not be until at least next week.

QB Battle Still Underway

Matt Leinart is still looking to be the starting signal caller though Kurt Warner is still being worked and practiced hard everyday alongside him. In the games the two have been switching out to get equal reps and it appears that the situation still lays the same. Leinart appears to be the lead man while Warner is definitely still able and willing to take the spot. With each receiving equal reps in the game it is unlikely that the plays are being watched closely to see who the strongest quarterback is.

Looking Ahead

As camp continues to press forward and the third preseason game against the Raiders approaches we can only hope the Cardinals will pull it together for a great show against Raider Nation.

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