Cardinals Head "Down the Hill"

As they took the field on their final day of camp, fans, media and players alike cheered for the Cardinals. With Flagstaff losing its four weeks of fame, many came out to see the Cardinals' last show. The team appeared to be happy to head home as they took the field yelling, "down the hill!" when they gathered for the huddle. Kate Hinojosa recaps some of the uphill battles of camp.

Flagstaff-- One positive step for the Cardinals appeared to be the return of injured safety Antrel Rolle from being out since the first preseason game from a rolled ankle. His return showed him being extremely healthy as was able to do a full workout with the team, though it still seems unlikely that he will play this upcoming game against Oakland.

Also it is looking buoyant for a return of Gabe Watson in the next week or so. This still leaves Ben Patrick, Al Johnson, Carlton Medder and Peter Clifford on the injured list.

Overall the Cardinals camp proved to be extremely productive as they ran the practices, drills and meetings every day to potentially solidify the team as a whole. Though training camp went extremely successful, little events and mishaps occurred through the experience that luckily had little effect on the quality of camp.

Anquan Boldin's discontent with his contract submerged at the beginning of camp and towards the end, but luckily did not affect his performance and workout with the team. He was still able to continue and be a productive player for the Cardinals. Though his words and attitude appeared to be less then satisfied, he showed otherwise in his playing.

Also the few injuries that occurred during camp dampened the quality of some players' workout, mainly Al Johnson who left extremely early in camp and was unable to return.

The 2008 training camp gave excellent opportunities for the rookies to showcase some of their talents and what they can bring to the Cardinals organization. Though injured, rookie Early Doucet came to camp looking great and continued to perform at high levels until his mishap.

Fans and coaches have high expectations for his time with the Cardinals. In addition, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie came to camp and proved to be a great asset to the team as a strong cornerback.

All good things must come to an end and fans, and the team is hopefully on their way home to continue their work before the beginning of the season. Leaving many excited to see if the productivity seen at camp can be continued back home and on the field, as we get closer to the opening game of the 2008 Cardinals season.

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