The ABC's of Saturday's Win In Oakland

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said that the Cardinals learned a lot about their team in Saturday's 24-0 preseason victory against the Oakland Raiders. would have to agree. Here are a few highlights of what we learned about Anquan Boldin, J.J. Arrington and Tim Hightower.

Arrington's Promise Depends on Consistency

By now it's pretty safe to assume that J.J. Arrington isn't on the chopping block. Prior to the departure of Marcel Shipp that statement would have been false, but Shipp is gone and with Tim Hightower securing the No. 2 role, Arrington should see action on special teams.

Arrington's 67-yard touchdown run showed his agility and speed. He's played with both in camp where he showed up and made plays.

"I like what I'm seeing out of J.J.," Whisenhunt said. "Obviously we are looking for consistency."

Blessed Boldin

Anquan Boldin's game was shined to the tee and not a bit rusty in his first appearance this preseason. He finished with a team-high 54 yards and seemed to enjoy every last minute of the game.

While his teammates started to jog out of the tunnel to start the second half, he walked with a leisurely pace and looked up in the stands, soaking in the atmosphere that only an NFL game has to offer. To an onlooker it appeared he was counting his blessings. He than ran to catch up with his teammates, but in that moment he wasn't unhappy with the Cardinals, he wasn't thinking about dollar signs, he was just a 27-year-old living his dream.

Can Count Hightower's Fumbles on One Hand

Tim Hightower ‘s excellent vision and balance has earned him three touchdowns in preseason thus far. With one more game left on the agenda before opening day, it will be no surprise if he adds at least one more.

There is one thing that Hightower is certain about. He fumbled the ball in Saturday's game in Oakland and Hightower said, "You just can't do that. You can't fumble."

The mishap was somewhat surprising as he never fumbled in about 700 carries in college, but this is the NFL. The rookies do get a slight learning curve though.

"I want to get better and be consistent," Hightower said.

Edgerrin James has been a big help to Hightower who says he'll pick James' brain as much as he can. James knows what it takes to be successful in the league.

Hightower's game is on the ground, but there are lofty expectations of the rookie running back. He's been compared to some of the greats of the game, but when asked about how he plans on not getting caught up in the fame and the darker sides of the game he has no reservations that he'll be the same kid from Richmond heard his name called in the fifth round.

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