Bertrand Berry Knows Best

Entering his 11th season, Bertrand Berry has crossed paths with the Indianapolis Colts, the Denver Broncos and for the past four years he's been a key ingredient in Arizona. A solid character guy with a lot of experience to share. Amberly Richardson was able to talk with Berry after the Cardinals 24-0 win in Oakland, where she asked him what's different between this year's team and last's?

After finishing 8-8 in 2007, the Cardinals have high hopes for a team that has an admirable amount of depth.

Earlier in the preseason Bertrand Berry said that his team has more depth than any other team he's been on. After more than a decade in the league that's a bold statement, so when asked why this year's team is so different, here is what he had to say:

"We are a very talented team right now," Berry said. "Right now we are a healthy team, and I think that's important for us to be healthy. We can accomplish a lot of things if we can maintain our health, so right now we are in a good position as far as that goes. Hopefully that will carry over all through the season."

"We just have to have good luck go our way. Obviously every team deals with that , but I think we've been hit harder than a lot of teams in the past, so hopefully we are due for an injury free season from everybody. If we can do that and keep all of our guys on the field then I really feel that we can do some damage in this league."

The Cardinals were able to bring the team to the brink of a winning season last year, but injuries played a major role in preventing the quest. From Matt Leinart to Adrian Wilson to Chike Okeafor the injury list was long.

Now shortened, the Cardinals are still worried about a couple major hitters. Center Al Johnson is expected back by the season opener. He didn't appear to be limping too bad just outside the player's locker room on Saturday, but knee surgery is a delicacy.

Anquan Boldin didn't appear until preseason game No. 3, but he didn't skip a beat. Darnell Dockett missed two games as well. Besides a 15-yard penalty that benched him, Dockett earned a sack and was part of an impressive defense that shutout the Oakland Raiders.

Half-jokingly Ken Whisenhunt said the Cardinals haven't shutout an opponent in regular season since 1992.

Winning is good for all involved. In what appears to be an already close team, victories can only help along the chemistry. The contract rift between Boldin and the Cardinals doesn't seem to effect the locker room and both possible starting quarterbacks are going about business.

Leinart looks comfortable in the huddle and to an onlooker, it looks like his teammates will play for him.

Tim Hightower said the players genuinely like being around one another.

Rookie Calais Campbell said he loves the atmosphere

Playing Above Penalties

Ken Whisenhunt said he knows that the Cardinals are going to make a few, but a 15-yard penalty is unacceptable when he pulled a player out of the game for it Whisenhunt said, "Penalties kind of calmed down after that."

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