Warner Takes Reigns Against Former OC

As the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback, Kurt Warner led the media conference call Wednesday afternoon. The first round of questions were all pointed at his former offensive coordinator and head coach who he says taught him more about the game than any other coach in his career. Here is how the San Francisco 49ers' newest offensive coordinator shaped Warner's livelihood.

Kurt Warner's time in the spotlight was notably 1999 when he led the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl championship, and he was the named the game's Most Valuable Player as well as the league's MVP.

The man behind the ring was offensive coordinator turned head coach Mike Martz who Warner played under from 1999-2003. Warner and Martz still say in touch years after. Warner's familiarity could possibly help the Cardinals. He knows Martz's playbook like the back of his hands and is still familiar with it, but Arizona hasn't inquired into the details.

Warner is still impressed by what Martz brings to a team.

"He was the most intelligent football coach I've ever been around," Warner said.

Playing against him throughout the years brings back nostalgic feelings because he understands how the opposition's offense is operating.

"It makes you smile, and makes you remember the fun times we had together."

The Martz regime wasn't all fun and games for Warner though. As a young sophomore player making his first NFL starts, Warner became somewhat of, what he describes as, a whipping boy.

Warner would call his wife and say, "Man, I suck. I'm not good at all."

Although a typically confident player, there were times he would lose some confidence, but the deep desire to be great, kept him going and his time with Martz made him a better quarterback and shaped his career in the league. Nearly a decade later, the Martz in him could once again lead a team to victory.

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