One-on-One With Dansby

Karlos Dansby opened up his season with a total of seven tackles in San Francisco. After the game,'s Amberly Richardson was able to ask Dansby about the win, a teammate's Pro Bowl aspirations and whether or not a trip off the mainland is in his own sights. Dansby is focused on week two, but he shares his sentiments on playing against Brett Favre in Week 4. All of this and more.

Amberly Richardson: You are one of the leaders of the Cardinals defense. How is the defensive front seven looking, is it enjoying the continuity or doing well with the new additions, what's going on there?

Karlos Dansby: It's hard to say. You know we have a lot of leaders on this defense, and there is a lot of experience on this defense. I think that's been the key.

We are just trying to win. Everyone was winners in college that is on this team right now, and we are tired of losing. It's time to grow up and take this team to the next level, and I think that's what we've been trying to do.

AR: Antonio Smith has big Pro Bowl aspirations this year, is it his year?

KD: Who, Antiono? Oh yeah, definitely. He's one of the top-three techniques in the game right now for defensive ends, in our hybrid, whatever you want to call him, he plays great, he plays all out, every snap.

He has a lot of potential, and he still has a lot of growing. He hasn't even hit his prime yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do.

AR: Will you be taking a trip to Hawaii anytime soon?

KD: Myself, I am just blessed to have a great group of guys around me like this and to be in this kind of situation. I am trying to make the most of it and have fun doing it.

It's exciting to play with these guys, make plays and fly around and have fun.

AR: And how does it feel to win today?

KD: This win here was big. To start off the season perfect, we are 1-0 in the division and got a road win. We killed two birds with one stone, so it's a great victory.

AR: Did you see any highlights of the Jets-Dolphins game?

KD:I saw a little bit of it early on. I saw Brett (Favre) make a couple of passes. They looked pretty decent.

AR: Do you have any sentiment about facing Brett Favre in Week 4?

KD: It will be an honor, once that time comes. Right now we are focused on Miami. They have Chad Pennington and two great running backs that will be coming town and some speedsters they have down there in Miami, so we are looking forward to that matchup as it's the next one on the list. Once we get to Brett, we'll get to him when we get to him.

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