One Last Look At Week 1

In the season opener, the Cardinals looked as advertised against the 49ers, especially in the second half. Playing fast and physical head coach Ken Whisenhunt was pleased with Sunday's performance. "We were quicker to adjust. It was easier for us as an offense to do some things because we had more information about our team." Here's a last look at Week 1 before focusing on Miami.

In his second year as coach of the Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt could not praise the improve depth of his team enough. Whisenhunt credited the depth of the team in training camp with creating increased competition, forcing players to play at a higher level. One of the most impressive characteristics of the 2008 Cardinals was a defense that flew to the ball for four quarters. The Cardinals were able to rest guys. That led to more turnovers because guys were fresher, running after the play and pursuing the ball.

"I thought they were relentless in their effort and intensity. That's one of the benefits of having good depth," Whisenhunt said at Monday's press conferece.

He was quick to point out the strong play of Gerald Hayes, Karlos Dansby and the defensive line. As well as the pass rush of Travis LaBoy, Clark Haggans, Bertrand Berry and Chike Okeafor.

The defense wasn't the only side of the ball Whisenhunt noticed competition in practice, translating to the game. He was impressed with Edgerrin James 100 yard rushing effort. Whisenhunt was quick to point out the competition at running back Between Tim Hightower and J.J. Arrington during camp as one of the main reasons James had success.

"The way they stepped up, obviously inspired Edge, to compete harder in camp. Which isn't something he may have had to do in the past," Whisenhunt said.

The Cardinals were able to covert on two fourth downs.

"They were aware of the situation," Whisenhunt said. "They knew what was important. They were really focused on we got to get this because it will make a huge difference. When you get that feeling from your team it makes it easier to go for it."

Something unusual during the game was first-round draft pick, cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, lined up at wide receiver. With a large grin Whisenhunt told reporters there is a definite possibility he may continue to see time on offense.

Rodgers-Cromartie's speed is definitely a factor, but the aptitude to keep the Cardinals' opponents guessing, likely plays the largest role in the coach's smile.

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