Five to Watch: Dolphins @ Cardinals

After a successful win against the 49ers last Sunday, the Cardinals are coming to their home field to take on Miami to continue their lead in the NFC West. The Dolphins started their opener with a loss and Arizona is up for the potential 2-0 lead in the 2008 season. As Miami heads to Arizona for the Cardinals opening home game here are five players to watch on the field.

DE Travis LaBoy

LaBoy, a first-year player on the Cardinals came to the desert after four years of experience with the Titans. He put on a good show against the 49ers last week making him a man to watch against Miami. He totaled three solo tackles and one assist, also two sacks with the last being a strip from J.T. O'Sullivan, quarterback for the 49ers.

"I was fortunate to get in there and get it out of there [force the fumble]," LaBoy said. "Overall, I don't think I played all that well. I missed a couple of tackles."

His strength adds depth to the veteran defense of the Cardinals. Given more opportunities, LaBoy could continue to pressure the offense against more opponents in the upcoming season. With the most sacks in one season being 6.5 for LaBoy he is well on his way to making a new career record for himself.

OLB Karlos Dansby

Another key member of the defensive line, Dansby is a player who is in for a great season. A fifth-year veteran to the Cardinals, Dansby is one of the leading veterans in the defensive front-seven. He totaled seven tackles in the opening game and has the potential for breaking 100 tackles, seeing as he only fell three short last season. As the numbers roll in for Dansby over the season, his strong leadership on the line is going to be something to watch on the field. With the defense proving to be the key factor in the Cardinals game, continual growth in the line will be what continues to pressure other teams.

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Rodgers-Cromartie is the first-round draft pick corner back this year for the Cardinals and is proving to be a powerful asset in his first NFL season. He was an eye catcher in last week's game because of his sudden line up as wide receiver, after playing most frequently as cornerback. Though Rodgers-Cromartie is not traditionally an offensive player his speed has made him a prospect in the position, plus the ability to keep the opponents on their toes will keep him in and out of the offense.

The Steelers were one of the founding teams for slasher players. Athletes who were cornerbacks slash wide receivers slash return specialists, etc. Looks like Whisenhunt liked the idea.

WR Steve Breaston

With the third receiver pretty much locked in by Breaston's performance on Sunday against the 49'ers, he is going to be a player to watch up against Miami this coming week. Gathering three receptions and 54 yards, Breaston was able to take charge up field with a big 40-yard reception. Due to his quick speed and steady hands, this second year NFL player is on his way to making some big career numbers for himself and the Cardinals.

DE Bertrand Berry

After a decade in the league, Berry has proved that he still has what it takes to be a strong attribute to the Cardinals defense. Now playing backup to Laboy, Berry's entrance into the game began with a sack, stripping the ball from O'Sullivan. With Berry still playing full force at the age of 33, he is going to be one to watch for more examples of true veteran experience.

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