Cardinals Come Up Big In 31-10 Win

As the Cardinals continue their drive towards a season with high playoff aspirations, they were able to take an early lead against Miami resulting in a 31-10 win. Still leading their division coupled with a 2-0 start, Arizona put on a show making fans and players alike satisfied with the performance of the progressing roster. Here is what worked, what didn't and what's next.

What Worked

There were two major factors that led to Arizona Cardinals strong game against Miami, passing and defense. Though the running did contribute much to the 445-yard game (81 rushing yards), it was the 364 passing yards that pulled together.

The game held an outstanding performance for Kurt Warner who had a perfect quarterback rating through the game and was 19 of 24 passing, with three touchdowns, and no interceptions. The game was also a big show for Anquan Boldin, who had 6 receptions, 140 yards, and three touchdowns, a career-high for Boldin. Larry Fitzgerald also claimed 6 receptions with 153 yards. Unfortunately for the Dolphins the power behind the pair of wide receivers led to many caught balls that were hard to cover.

On the other hand, the defense also put together some numbers adding to their reputation of being one of the stronger defenses in the NFL. Bertrand Berry landed a large sack. The 12-year veteran Bryan Robinson came up with his first sack of the season.

Karlos Dansby was also able to pull in seven solo tackles against the Dolphins offense.

What Didn't Work

The Cardinals had some early mistakes that shouldn't have been made. Arizona finished with eight penalties, two more than Miami. The Cardinals gave up 45 easy yards as a result.

Nail Rackers struggled to put in a 49-yard field goal attempt, but Miami blotched the missed opportunity with a 12th man on the field.

What's Next

Coach Ken Whisenhunt stated that the main ways for the Cardinals to end up in the playoffs was, winning games on the road, winning games in your division and winning games your supposed to win. The Cardinals have already made their first steps towards this goal. They won one on the road and one in their division, the win against the San Francisco 49ers was a big win.

The game that the Cardinals were supposed to win, was won on Sunday.

With an away game against the Washington Redskins coming up in Week 3, the Cardinals and fans can only hope they continue the momentum they have shown these past two weeks.

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