One Last Look At Week 3

The Arizona Cardinals started 2-0, but this will not be the year that they go undefeated. The 24-17 loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday, reminded players, coaches, and fans how difficult it is to win in the National Football League. Mistakes and missed opportunities this weekend had Coach Ken Whisenhunt feeling ill at Monday's press conference.

"Even though we didn't play our best, I think we still fought back and had an opportunity at the end," Ken Whisenhunt said. "We didn't get it done this time."

Obviously disappointed, Whisenhunt was still proud of his team.

"There was a much different feel this game, where we are now, then where we were last year. I think there was a little more uncertainty last year. This year I never sensed that on the sidelines with our team."

The Cardinals showed life towards the end of the first half scoring on a 4 yards pass from Kurt Warner to Anquan Boldin. To start the second half, the Cardinals drove down the field and kicked a game tying field goal. After giving up a touchdown, Warner hit Larry Fitzgerald on a 62 yard strike.

"We responded to situations, which is a major step for us. We played better on the road, on the east coast, than we had in the past."

Whisenhunt defended the two minute offense and his call to punt on fourth down inside the last three minutes.

"Had it been a true two minute situation, especially where we needed the touchdown, I would have gone for it. With 2:47 left, two timeouts, plus the two minute, and where we were on the field, if we don't make that fourth down, the game is over."

He continued.

"Weather or not we stop them, which we could have, and they punt the ball, now we're looking at going the length of the field with no timeouts. I felt we could back them up, stop them, get the ball back where we were, and then we have the ball at the 50 yard line with two minutes. It's much easier to score a touchdown in that situation. We just didn't execute on defense."

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