Six Points, A Touchdown Richer

When the Cardinals struggled in the first half of week one against the San Francisco 49ers, they got Anquan Boldin involved. When the Cardinals posted their first loss, Boldin wasn't a factor. Key point, throw to the man who doesn't call himself a receiver but rather an athlete. Here are six points that were issues last week and could be factors in New York when the Cardinals face the Jets.

Grounding the Cardinals

The New York Jets were weak in covering the San Diego Chargers receivers in Monday Night Football. The Jets get a short break before hosting the Cardinals and arguably the best receiver tandem in the league. If Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin get as much open space as Antonio Gates and Chris Chambers did, watch out.

Arizona's loss to the Washington Redskins had a lot to do with the home team's ability to restrict Kurt Warner from using his most valuable weapons. Getting the ball to Boldin in any fashion will go the long way for the Cardinals in week four.

Slash Players In the Cards

Ken Whisenhunt surprised everyone when he used Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as a receiver earlier in the season. When Boldin stated he would like to be used as a safety, Whisenhunt said not get too crazy. Whisenhunt's decision to move Antrel Rolle to safety has worked out well so far, but in week three Rolle marked another defensive player that was utilized on offense. He received an 8-yard pass against Washington, but a penalty kept the yards off the box score.

Expect to see a lot more tricks up Whisenhunt's sleeves. The biggest trickery of them all was when Jerhame Urban completed an 18 yard pass.

Not exactly a slah player, but with the surest hands in college, Tim Hightower proved he could catch balls in the big league. Hightower received three passes for 38 yards in Washington. Edgerrin James caught a couple for 15 yards too.

No. 3 Receiver, Where?

Warner said that Steve Breaston and Urban would show up in different situations. Nothing could more true of when Urban showed up in quarterback form against the Redskins.

Breaston beat out Urban for the No. 3 role. Breaston was a dynamic return specialist last season, but has struggled out of the gates. He's received only four times in three games. Urban has had zero. Former third receiver Bryant Johnson caught for passes in his first three games of 2007, but saw four passes come his way good for 40 yards in week four.

WR Jerheme Urban
(Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty)

Urban would like to see some of that action sailing toward him come game day.

"I am going to keep pushing Steve because that's a job that I still want and like I said he played great today, but just because training camp is over doesn't mean that I am not going to stop pushing him for that job," Urban told after the week one win against the San Francisco 49ers.

Urban's a sixth year player who has played with and behind some talented receivers, but the Fitzgerald and Boldin combo is unique.

"The good thing about Q and Fitz is that they are both bigger guys, kind of like myself, so I can see what they do, and I can try and translate that to my game more than I could some of the guys that are maybe built differently or something," Urban said.

Not Much Difference in One and Two

Tight end Leonard Pope is the starting tight end, but for how long? Pope's 6'8" frame is enticing, but he's seen two receptions in three games, whereas backup Ben Patrick has a handful of catches.

On the defensive side of the ball, Bertrand Berry lost his starting job to Travis LaBoy, but is back on top of the depth chart with a question mark surrounding LaBoy (ankle) for Sunday. Berry has recorded a sack in each game this season. Berry has long struggled to stay healthy. He left the Washington game early with a groin strain but returned to action quickly. Berry is not on the injured list.

Even with a healthy LaBoy, the difference between a starter and non-starter is slim.

The Necessity of a Breakaway

Edgerrin James' longest run was 16 yards last week. He nearly missed the century mark with 93 yards, but the Cardinals are thirsty for burst out of the backfield.

Hightower wants to be the thirst quencher, and the Cardinals are relying on his power more and more. Although the goal line back, Arizona could look for their homerun back in next year's draft.

Waiting for Watson

Nose tackle Gabe Watson participated fully in practice last week, but he could still have another week to fully heal his fractured kneecap and make his season debut.

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