Breaston Comes Up Big In 56-35 Loss to NY

With their second loss of the season, the Cardinals are now tied with the 49ers for first place in the NFC West. Veteran QB's Brett Favre and Kurt Warner led a high scoring game that was full of interesting twists and too many mishaps for the Cardinals. Arizona will head back home for a matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Ryan Burian takes a look at what worked and what didn't in week four.

What Worked

The Cardinals knew that winning games they were supposed to win would be a key to the playoff race. Winning games on the road was its equivalent. Despite staying on the East Coast to avoid unnecessary travel time, the Cardinals faced the woe of a major deficit at the hands of Brett Favre and the New York Jets' turf, 56-35.

Though the first half was a complete shutout for the Cardinals, they came out of the half ready to close in. The third quarter yielded 21 points to inch their way back from the 34 point deficit that the Jets compiled all in the second quarter.

One major factor that was working in the Cardinals favor in the third quarter was their ability to make something happen on the ground. Between Edgerrin James and Tim Hightower, the Cardinals had three rushing touchdowns. James and Hightower's numbers were kept low when Kurt Warner threw a league-leading 472 yards, but the two ball carriers got the job done. James with 29 rushing yards and Hightower had 13.

The Cardinals air attack was nothing short of what fans have come to expect from Warner and crew. The game came with some unlikely heroes in Steve Breaston and Jerheme Urban. The latter made his first touchdown reception of the season and all five of his season receptions came in the Jets game. Breaston tied with Larry Fitzgerald with 122 yards to say he came up big is an understatement. He had just four receptions in three games and caught nine balls in week four.

Anquan Boldin wasn't far behind with 119 yards. He also pulled in an 8-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter.

What Didn't Work

The San Andreas Fault in the Cardinals loss was excessive turnovers and poor quarterback coverage by Arizona's offensive line. There was five Cardinals turnover to the Jets in the first half, three fumbles and two interceptions.

Warner's two interceptions led to touchdown drives by the Jets. Also Warner is beginning to show a problem that existed in his past with holding onto the ball in pressure situations and a result being brought to the ground.

In most instances Warner's fumbles were the result of a premature pocket collapse, the Cardinals offense line was not living up to their increasingly higher standards that have resulted in top accolades from the 2007 season.

The big men up front allowed five sacks. To add insult to injury, the Jets' defense definitely roughed Warner up a bit. Another fumble occurred on Anquan Boldin's behalf on a three yard reception in the first quarter when he looked to make the run before he fully had control of the ball.

What's Next

As the Cardinals head home to evaluate the two losses on the road, they won't have too much time for thought as they must prepare for a tough match up against the Buffalo Bills.

With an unfortunate helmet-to-helmet collision, Boldin is out for now until further notice of his condition. Many heads are bowed down for wishes of a quick recovery.

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