Fans Sound Off: Cardinals Defeat Bills

From Adrian Wilson's worth, to a mistake free game, to how Arizona streches the field, fans on the Arizona Cardinals site of as well as the Buffalo Bills page have a lot to say about the Bills going down in the desert, 41-17. Here are our top picks.

What Cardinals' fans on had to say about the win:


Great result and one I wasn't expecting. Kurt Warner had another solid outing, the O-Line held up yet again, and the defense was able to get to the quarterback. With Anqun Boldin out the other receivers were going to have to step it up. Steve Breaston and Early Doucet filled in nicely with 13 catches for 119 yards. Warner threw for 250 yards and two TD's without a turnover (unusual for him). The defense pressured the Buffalo offense (five sacks) and did a great job containing Marshawn Lynch. Good win all around.


There is no doubt how much Adrian Wilson's presence has been missed the two previous games. He made his statement on the third play of the game. This defense is entirely different team when Wilson is there.

What Bills' fans had to say on the loss at

Moderator BuffGetLowBills

When Trent Edwards went out, everything did seem to go downhill. But, it is no excuse for how terrible our defense was today. I think we forced 2 punts all game? We applied almost no pressure to Warner and he picked us apart. We also can't have four turnovers to the opposing teams zero and expect to do anything. Bad game for us, Arizona looked lights out on the other hand. We've definitely got a ways to go.


I am a die hard Bills fan, but going into this game I had a 90 percent feeling we would not win this game with or without Trent. Our whole game plan is run the ball first and make the plays needed passing to grind out the game much like Pittsburg run first and make few passing plays to get back to the run. Arizona is pass first and they can really stretch the field. Our offense can't go score for score with them we just don't have the type of passing game they do. Lee Evans can really stretch the field but there isn't anyone else that we have to scare teams into taking pressure off of him. Hardy was supposed to be that guy and he's not progressing fast enough. Josh reed great possession receiver but he's not a TD threat to opposing teams they will let him have the short passes. Roscoe was starting to show some big play ability but, he's out for a few more weeks.

Our running game isn't bad right now but could be a lot better if our passing game could stretch the field a little more and not always have 7-8 in the box every play. But the bye week is here hopefully we get healthy and focus now on the road ahead because it's not going to get any easier. Congrats Cards fans your team showed up to play mistake free and got the job done.

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