Whisenhunt Welcomes Wins After Tough Weeks

After getting beat up by the New York Jets last week, the Cardinals returned the favor at home against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. After a 41-17 win, Head coach Ken Whisenhunt was as smiles at Monday's press conference. He enjoyed the win after a tough two last weeks when he had to watch highlights that made him sick to his stomach.

Ken Whisenhunt hopes that the Arizona Cardinals will be a little bit better against the Dallas Cowboys. He hopes they continue to play good football.

The atmosphere at University of Phoenix Stadium was a welcomed relief after back-to-back loses on the road.

"At times it's as loud as any of the louder stadiums I've been in," Whisenhunt said. "We are establishing, we are a tough team to beat at home. I don't know how many times they jumped off sides or had problems because of the noise. It's very exciting for our team. They really get excited when our fans are so vocal."

Tied for second with seven attempts in five games, it's no secret the Cardinals are not afraid to go for it on fourth down. They converted one of two tries on Sunday.

"I think our team knows we will go for it on 4th down," Whisenhunt said. "There is nobody on the field offensively that thought they would stop us. That certainly helps our team finish."

For the second straight week, Commissioner Rodger Goodell will be reviewing a questionable hit from the game after Adrian Wilson slammed Bills quarterback Trent Edwards to the ground on the third play of the game. Edwards left the game with a concussion.

"There is such a fine line between when the quarterback is releasing the ball and when the player gets there," Whisenhunt said. "I don't think there was any malice in Adrian's hit or trying to slam him to the turf. Adrian made a clean hit on him and just the momentum of the hit carried him to the ground." "It's unfortunate, but that's part of football. I'm sensitive because of the week before with Anquan. I believe in what the commissioner is doing as far as player's safety. It's something important to him and I'm sure he will look at it."

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