NFL Quarterback Power Rankings Senior NFL Analyst Ed Thompson ranks the starting quarterbacks based on their results through Week 5 in this exclusive NFL Quarterback Power Poll.

This week's NFL Quarterback Power Poll features a new leader as Arizona's Kurt Warner, coming off a decisive 41-17 win over the Bills, knocked the Saints' Drew Brees out of the No. 1 spot. And a few quarterbacks, such as the Giants' Eli Manning and the Bears' Kyle Orton, made significant moves up the board with strong performances during Week 5 action.

As a reminder, this rankings feature, just like NFL team Power Rankings you see all over the web, has been designed to point out who the top quarterbacks are right now—this week, at this moment. And after each week's games, some quarterbacks will move up, while others will drop.

Rankings are based on a weighted formula I developed that includes factors such as completion average, touchdowns, interceptions, percent of passes that result in a first down, yards per game and more.

Use the rankings as a guide for your fantasy football decisions and for debate in our NFL Team Forums.

Stats key: YPG=Passing Yards Per Game, PR=Passer Rating, TD=Touchdown Passes, Comp=Completion Percentage, 1st=Percent of passes thrown resulting in a first down, INT=Interceptions.

1. Kurt Warner, Cardinals 
YPG: 294.4   PR: 102.5    TD: 10 
Comp: 69.4    1st: 41.0    INT: 4 
Warner is the most well-rounded QB right now in the key performance areas evaluated in these rankings.

2. Brett Favre, Jets
YPG: 233.8   PR: 110.8   TD: 12 
Comp: 70.2   1st: 36.3    INT: 4 
The NFL leader in passer rating and TDs is now No. 1 in completions as Drew Brees fell below 70 percent. 

3. Jay Cutler, Broncos
YPG: 300.4   PR: 98.1    TD: 10 
Comp: 65.4   1st: 37.2   INT: 4
He wasn't spectacular against Tampa Bay, but did well enough not to drop while some other QBs above him faltered.

4. Tony Romo, Cowboys
YPG: 273.6   PR: 100.5     TD: 11 
Comp: 64.2   1st: 37.7    INT: 5 
Three TDs and a strong passer rating against the Bengals gave him a slight boost.

5. Drew Brees, Saints
YPG: 334.6    PR: 97.7  TD: 9 
Comp: 68.6   1st: 35.1    INT: 6
The league leader in YPG threw two INTs and completed a season-low 56.5 percent of his throws against the Vikings.

6. Philip Rivers, Chargers
YPG: 236.6    PR: 103.0    TD: 11 
Comp: 64.5   1st: 37.7     INT: 4
Completed just 46.4 percent of his passes against Miami last week for just 159 yards.

7. Eli Manning, Giants
YPG: 258.0   PR: 99.7    TD: 6 
Comp: 63.6   1st: 34.8   INT: 1 
He had a terrific day against Seattle, completing 76 percent of his throws, including two for touchdowns.

8. Donovan McNabb, Eagles
YPG: 259.2   PR: 92.9    TD: 6 
Comp: 64.0   1st: 3432   INT: 2 
The Eagles QB was held to 196 passing yards against Washington and didn't complete a pass for a TD.

9. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
YPG: 254.8   PR: 95.5    TD: 9 
Comp: 63.2   1st: 31.3   INT: 4
He improved all of his key stats against Atlanta except for adding an interception to his numbers. He threw three TD passes.

10. Jason Campbell, Redskins
YPG: 210.8   PR: 96.7    TD: 6
Comp: 63.4   1st: 34.6    INT: 0 
Still the only starter who hasn't thrown an interception, but Campbell only passed for 176 yards last week.

11. Chad Pennington, Dolphins
YPG: 204.2   PR: 93.5     TD: 3 
Comp: 67.0   1st: 38.4    INT: 1 
He completed 75.9 percent of his passes against San Diego for 228 yards last week.

12. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
YPG: 189.4    PR: 95.7    TD: 7
Comp: 63.7   1st: 39.5    INT: 3
He hadn't thrown for 200 yards in a game this year, but he put up 309 yards and three TDs against the Jaguars last week. 

13. Trent Edwards, Bills
YPG: 189.6   PR: 93.9    TD: 4 
Comp: 66.4   1st: 35.2    INT: 2 
He suffered a concussion on the third play of last week's game. As a result, he lost some ground.

14. Jake Delhomme, Panthers
YPG: 219.2   PR: 90.6     TD: 5 
Comp: 60.6   1st: 34.5    INT: 2

He threw two TD passes for the second week in a row. His 63.6-percent completion rate was his second-best this year.

15. Kyle Orton, Bears
YPG: 220.0   PR: 87.6     TD: 7 
Comp: 61.9   1st: 31.6    INT: 4
His 70.6-percent completion rate against Detroit was a career-best. He threw for 334 yards and two TDs.

16. Matt Schaub, Texans
YPG: 232.3   PR: 75.5    TD: 4 
Comp: 64.5   1st: 35.5    INT: 5
A stomach bug sent him to the hospital last weekend, so he spent game day watching from the sidelines.

17. Peyton Manning, Colts
YPG: 257.8    PR: 79.2    TD: 5 
Comp: 62.3   1st: 31.8    INT: 5
Manning completed a season-best 73.5 percent of his throws, his five TDs this year are matched by five interceptions.

18. J.T. O'Sullivan, 49ers
YPG: 218.4    PR: 82.2    TD: 7 
Comp: 58.6   1st: 37.1    INT: 6 
During an awful day against the Patriots, he threw three interceptions and completed 48.3 percent of his passes.

19. David Garrard, Jaguars
YPG: 196.6   PR: 79.3    TD: 3 
Comp: 65.1   1st: 36.2    INT: 4
He completed just 56.3 percent of his throws for 200 yards against the Steelers after two weeks in the 70-plus arena.

20. Matt Cassel, Patriots
YPG: 176.8    PR: 84.1    TD: 3 
Comp: 67.3    1st: 33.7    INT: 3
His completion rate is fourth-best in the league, but he threw two interceptions last weekend.

21. Gus Frerotte, Vikings
YPG: 230.7   PR: 74.2    TD: 2 
Comp: 56.1   1st: 32.7   INT: 2
Steady, but unspectacular is becoming the catch-phrase for Frerotte this year. But he's keeping the Vikings competitive.

22. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders
YPG: 167.0   PR: 84.9     TD: 4 
Comp: 54.5   1st: 27.3    INT: 1
Russell should petition the league for more bye weeks. He gained ground thanks to other QBs struggling last week.

23. Brian Griese, Buccaneers
YPG: 201.0   PR: 64.6     TD: 4 
Comp: 57.1   1st: 29.9    INT: 6 
A season-best 68.4 completion rate and no INTs after throwing six picks during the previous two games boosted his stock.

24. Carson Palmer, Bengals
YPG: 182.8   PR: 69.0     TD: 3 
Comp: 58.1   1st: 31.8    INT: 4
He threw two TD passes in a game for the first time this year while completing 59 percent of his passes at Dallas. 

25. Jon Kitna, Lions
YPG: 189.5   PR: 72.2    TD: 5 
Comp: 56.7   1st: 27.5    INT: 5
He's completed just 50 percent of his passes in his last two games, and was replaced last weekend against the Bears.

26. Matt Ryan, Falcons
YPG: 172.6   PR: 75.3     TD: 4 
Comp: 54.2   1st: 29.0    INT: 3
Ryan's two TD passes and 194 passing yards against the Packers stand as top marks for his rookie season.

27. Kerry Collins, Titans
YPG: 148.0    PR: 73.1     TD: 3 
Comp: 55.7    1st: 35.7    INT: 3
Two interceptions and just 163 passing yards against the Ravens hurt his ranking.

28. Marc Bulger, Rams
YPG: 173.0   PR: 73.2    TD: 2 
Comp: 58.4   1st: 23.6    INT: 2
Bulger and the Rams were on their bye week, and he didn't gain or lose ground compared to those around him.

29. Joe Flacco, Ravens
YPG: 150.8   PR: 61.9   TD: 1
Comp: 58.5   1st: 34.0   INT: 4
He completed two-thirds of his passes against the Titans, his second-best rate this year, but also threw two INTs.

30. Damon Huard, Chiefs
YPG: 95.2     PR: 63.7     TD: 2 
Comp: 63.1   1st: 26.2    INT: 4
Huard struggled mightily against Carolina, throwing two picks and completing just 47.6 percent of his throws.

31. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks
YPG: 164.0    PR: 57.7   TD: 2 
Comp: 49.2    1st: 30.5     INT: 3
No TD passes, an interception and 105 yards passing against the Giants resulted in another frustrating day for Seattle's QB.

32. Derek Anderson, Browns
YPG: 135.8    PR: 49.9    TD: 3
Comp: 49.6   1st: 27.4    INT: 6
Anderson had a bye week to prepare, but he'll be fighting for his starter's job on Monday night against the Giants.


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