One Last Look at the Cardinals In Week Six

The Cardinals take the next three out of four games to the road, a place that they haven't faired well thus far this season. The bye week will give Arizona a chance to tighten up on some issues that could be hiding behind the wins. With a bye week before playing the Carolina Panthers, head coach Ken Whisenhunt was taking the time to enjoy the win at this week's press conference.

Cardinals Nation had one question after Sunday's overtime win against the Dallas Cowboys. What was up with that timeout during the field goal, coach? Nobody is really saying. The big win at home was all that mattered.

"A lot of hype, a lot of attention," Whisenhunt said. "There were a lot of situations in the game which could of lead to us not perform well. We overcame that and found a way to win the game. Even when things seems like they were stacked against us."

More than likely, injured wide receiver Anquan Boldin will be healthy enough to play in two weeks. Boldin's replacement, Steve Breaston has asserted himself as a threat in the NFL so far. In two games since Boldin went down, Breaston has 15 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown against two tough defenses, Buffalo and Dallas.

"It's been a consistent story on Steve from the spring, mini-camp, O.T.A's, and even training camp," Whisenhunt said. "As far as the progress he's been making. You're seeing it pay off. The biggest question about Steve was doing it in an NFL game. He built up great confidence and trust with his teammates because of the progress he made in the spring and it's showing up on the field. I'm a big believer in guys being together and working in the off-season. To me this is a great example of the benefits. Your seeing it translate into production in games."

The Cardinals will be tested in two weeks when they travel to Carolina. The Cardinals are 1-2 on the road this season. Whisenhunt was optimistic Monday.

"We are in a much better position to go on the road," Whisenhunt said. "That's the next step for us. We have to take the show on the road and win some games. As tough as it was, I think we came out of it a mentally stronger team. We have three out of the next four on the road. Hopefully it's going to show up when we play those road games. It's a big test for us and we have to do it"

The Cardinals will have to avoid giving up the big play which nearly cost them the game against Dallas. Wide receiver Patrick Crayton scored on a 55 yard touchdown pass late in the first half and running back Marion Barber did the same from 70 yards out, late in the game.

"In that situation were trying to keep everything in front of us," Whisenhunt said. "The one before the half we had a breakdown. It was unfortunate but it happens. We have to get them down. With three minutes left in the game, up by ten we have to make them use the time and their two time outs. We let them get a 70-yard play. We have to make them work for those scores, in that situation that was the only thing that could hurt us."

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