The What-Ifs Of A Karlos Dansby Departure

Karlos Dansby was recently cast in the top-10 of next year's free agents. checks in with NFL Insider Adam Caplan, who was on the forefront of breaking the Calvin Pace departure, for his thoughts on Dansby. Will Arizona be able to retain Dansby next year? Which teams would be most interested, what is his value on the open market and much more in this insider's exclusive.

Amberly Richardson: Karlos Dansby is No. 10 on the free agent rankings of who will be free agents next season, what is his market value if he hits the open market? Can you please compare it to an existing player contract?

Adam Caplan: Because of his versatility, Dansby should attract strong attention should Arizona decide not to their franchise tag on him.

I could see him getting a deal similar to what Adalius Thomas got from the New England Patriots:

Five-year deal, $20 million guaranteed ($12 million signing bonus/option bonus of $8 million). Average per season is about $7 million.

AR: Would it be similar to Calvin Pace's?

AC: Calvin Pace's deal is similar but almost half is tied up in a roster bonus for next season:

Six-year deal, $21 million guaranteed ($11 million signing bonus, $9 million roster bonus for next season, $1 million in roster bonuses over the final two seasons).

AR: Who are some of the teams that would be most interested in Dansby?

AC: Teams that play a 3-4 defensive scheme:

Cleveland Browns-He would fit in well inside. They really lack a physical presence plus he can line up outside in passing situations and can rush the passer.

San Francisco 49ers- They also could use another impact player inside and they really need a pass rusher.

Miami Dolphins - Here's a team that lacks top-end talent at any of their linebacker positions.

Teams that run a 4-3 defensive scheme where he can play at SLB:

Detroit Lions-They've been having trouble at SLB for years.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - If Derrick Brooks retires, they could slide Cato June over to WLB which would leave an opening at SLB.

AR: What are the chances of the Cardinals retaining him?

AC: I have to think that they do their best to keep him for several more years since they don't have anyone on their current roster that could replace him. His versatility is very important to what they're able to do on defense.

AR: What are your thoughts on whether the Cardinals will use the franchise tag on him again next year?

AC: My sense is that they would use it again if they can't get a long-term deal done-Dansby is that important to their defensive scheme. He's an impact player.

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