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After a one week hiatus, Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner returns with more valuable inside information. As the midpoint of the season nears, now is the time to secure a playoff spot for your team. A few key starts could be the difference between a beautiful trophy (that your wife or girlfriend makes you keep in the garage) or nothing to show for the hours spent scouring the waiver wire.

Top 5 Sleeper Starts:

1. Marc Bulger: Facing a depleted Dallas secondary, Bulger is a smart play if your starter is on a bye week. The Rams should fall behind early, forcing Bulger to the air for the majority of the game.

2. Melwede Moore: With Willie Parker still on the shelf, Moore gets another start against a struggling Cincinnati defense. Expect big things from this crafty veteran.

3. Kerry Collins: Collins has been solid, yet not spectacular during his stint as the Titans QB. This week he heads to one of the most difficult away stadiums in the NFL. Luckily, the Arrowhead of yore does not exist and their star running back, Larry Johnson, is out with an injury. Collins will put up another solid game. Look for 250 yards passing and 2 TD's.

4. Dominick Rhodes: Joseph Addai is hurting and Rhodes is coming off his most productive game in nearly two seasons. If Addai's hamstring injury continues to pose a problem, Rhodes should be the main benefactor. Rhodes is a capable runner who is two years removed from a stellar Super Bowl performance.

5. Kolby Smith: Larry Johnson has been ruled out for the week 7 game against the Titans. While this is a dangerous play because of the tenacity of the Titans' defense, the potential for a solid output is still there. If a bye week has put your team in a bind, grab Smith and hope for a touchdown. Most likely his numbers will settle around 75 yards rushing and 1 TD.

Top 5 Potential Duds:

1. Tony Gonzales: Playing against the Titans stifling defense never helps fantasy stats. After Gonzales' trade request was denied, motivation could be a potential issue. Be wary of this week for Gonzales and don't put too much hope into a productive week.

2. Kyle Orton: Against Minnesota Orton poses no threat. If you are playing a team that has him starting, enjoy it. If you are that team, you would be better off picking up Tom Brady and taking the zero with pride.

3. Ronnie Brown: After demolishing the Pats for five touchdowns, Brown has suddenly gone from tandem-back with Ricky Williams to top tier performer. This week he is playing against a tough Ravens team with a chip on their shoulder. This week he should split the load with Williams to help alleviate the punishing hits that the Ravens defense is known for.

4. Frank Gore: Running in the Meadowlands can be a difficult task for any running back. But paired up with an inexperienced QB and an average offensive line make it impossible for Gore. Last week Gore produced solid numbers, but this week his stats are almost certain to decline significantly.

5. Derek Anderson: Anderson has gone from hero, to goat, and now back to hero. With Brady Quinn waiting in the wings, it seems as though it's only a matter of time before he hits the clipboard for good. The Redskins' defense will be ready and they are looking for vengeance after an embarrassing loss to the Rams.

Week 5 Sleepers: Good Calls

Steve Slaton: 93 yards, 2 TD's

Kyle Orton: 334 yards, 2 TD's

Melwede Moore: 99 yards rushing, 17 yards receiving

J.T. O'Sullivan: 130 yards passing, 3 TD's

Week 5 Sleepers: Bad Calls

Lance Moore: 31 yards receiving

Week 5 Potential Duds: Good Calls

Marshawn Lynch: 44 yards rushing, 0 TD's

Santonio Holmes: 65 yards receiving, 0 TD's

Week 5 Potential Duds: Bad Calls

Carson Palmer: 217 yards passing, 2 TD's

Randy Moss: 111 yards receiving, 1 TD

Roy Williams: 96 yards receiving, 0 TD's

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