A Good Time to Look at What's To Come

The Arizona Cardinals are in their happy place. They have double the wins than any of their NFC West counterparts, which gives them confidence as they head into the divisional stretch of their year. Three of their next four games are NFC West matchups. Including a Monday Night Football showing at home against the 49ers. Arizona could do its best work in the coming weeks and shutdown the division.

It's no secret that the Arizona Cardinals have struggled on the road, but the one game that they did win out of their suitcase was a good one to wrap up and take home. In week one, the Cardinals silenced divisional foes the 49ers in San Francisco. The kill two birds with one stone theory could work to their advantage over the next four weeks.

The Cardinals travel to Carolina after their bye week. Arizona will look for its second win on the road. Following the Panthers it's a NFC West triple play.

Week 8: Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are 5-2 and would like to raise the stakes 6-2 when they host the Cardinals. Carolina will head into their bye week following the Cardinals game. RB Jonathan Stewart has done a solid job for the Panthers in his rookie campaign, and third-year back Muhsin Muhammad is also one to watch, but the Cardinals have faired well stuffing the run as of late. Arizona sits 11th in the league with opponents rushing for 93.7 yards per game.

Carolina is about mid-range in regards to their air attack (15th*) with strong protection for the quarterback (10 sacks on the season).

Week 9: Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams

The Rams thought that they would be starting over after their bye in week five, two consecutive wins prove the mentality. St. Louis narrowly defeated the Washington Redskins the following week by a 19-17 margin. In week seven, the Rams blew out the Tony Romo-less Dallas Cowboys, 34-14.

St. Louis is playing an uphill battle with a 2-4 record. But with the Cowboys victory, coupled with a loss by the 49ers, the Rams are now in second place in the NFC West.

Week 10: Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers

Turnovers were a big deal for the 49ers in their loss to the New York Giants on Sunday. Mike Nolan said that the turnovers have continued in their losses, and that they've been very costly. Discipline was a major factor as well.

The 49ers will need to pull out all the physicality that they can muster to take care of the Cardinals, something that hasn't been a strength for San Francisco. The big guys up front, on both sides of the ball, have been San Francisco's weakness.

The Cardinals can't afford to let the 49ers take control in the first half like they did in week one. The teams will play under the lights of Monday Night Football. Arizona still has a lot to prove for the national audience and need to come out of the gates strong.

Week 11: Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

What was expected to be the game to watch for the playoff picture is now not as crucial. While all games are important, the Seahawks moved to 1-5 with a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Seattle has a bit of uncertainty in the organization. With a coaching change on the horizon, the Seahawks will send Mike Holmgren out on a sour note if Seattle can't pull something out of its hat.

*All league stats prior to Monday Night Football

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