Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner: Week Eight

Every year some unlucky person ends up with a good-for-nothing first round draft pick. All of their hopes and dreams are placed on the shoulders of a player that doesn't quite live up to expectations. It happens to the best of us and usually when it is least expected. This week Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner dives into the top five flops of 2008.

1. Tom Brady: The world of fantasy football came to a halt when Tom Brady's knee buckled. After having a monster season in 2007, Brady was poised for another tremendous season. One awkward tackle provided a collective groan from Brady owners that could almost be heard across the country. Many had taken him higher than recommended and their seasons ended before they could begin. The one final chance for success was being able to quickly grab Matt Cassel as a replacement. Unfortunately, that only heightened the problems. For recovering Brady owners the next logical step is to simply start preparing for fantasy basketball.

2. Carson Palmer: Even when Palmer was healthy, his performance was less than extraordinary. Granted his first two games were against stellar defenses, but even the talent of those defenses could not create such abysmal production. After starting the season with a 32.3 QB rating, he stepped up his game and dropped a 41.3 rating for all of his loyal fantasy owners. Clearly, he did not have his best stuff. Now that "out for the season" rumors have begun to surface, it may be time for those still holding Palmer to make the hard decision and release him to the waiver wire. If you are thinking about Ryan Fitzpatrick as your potential replacement, just remember the Cassel rule (Backups are usually backups for a reason).

3. Chad Johnson: Undoubtedly, the downfall of Palmer has contributed to the decline of Johnson (or is it Ocho Cinco?). It seems as if Johnson has been a bit distracted of late. He has yet to register a 100 yard or even a 75 yard game. Now that Fitzpatrick is going to be the main distributor, it doesn't look like his production is going to climb any time soon. If Johnson's Bengals continue their march towards 0-16, you can almost expect him to shut it down for the season.

4. Fred Taylor: Taylor has posted one solid game this season, while the rest have been subpar to say the least. In 2007 he rushed for 1,202 yards and 5 TD's. This year he is on pace to rush for half that at 645 yards. He has yet to find the end zone and this may finally be the year where he starts to decline. Taylor could possibly be able to recoup his lost season, if given enough carries. Maurice Jones-Drew's ability to maintain consistency will be a major factor in the success of Taylor.

5. Torry Holt: After enjoying a career filled with accolades, Holt is in the midst of his worst season ever. Holt is on pace to finish with less than a 1,000 yards for the first time since his rookie year in 1999. Anybody relying on him to be their star receiving has been sorely disappointed. A model of consistency and production, Holt is in desperate need a resurrection of the Rams' offense. To spice things up, he could also look into having his name officially changed to "Ocho Uno".

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