What Are the Panthers' Fans Saying?

The Arizona Cardinals have a long plane ride home to think about the loss. Lucky for the Cardinals it's not as long as the Chargers flight back home, but it will be a tough one nonetheless. Panthers fans have plenty to say about the game.

Jackofalltrades1977: We're fortunate to play them at home (seriously, who here thought we'd be saying that?) as they've been poor on the road. They look just like the Saints, with less of an offense. If we could shut the Saints down, I feel good about the Cards. We need to employ the same game plan this week.

Realguyjeff: They showed fight today. That's the kind of fight that you have to be able to show in order to win when it matters. The moose drop was huge but even bigger was our EFFORT, seems like guys were just about to pack it in when they woke up. If we could just play with that EFFORT, we could make mistakes and still win. I could go on but bottom line, bring EFFORT no matter what and you have a shot to beat good teams.

Battlecat1: Cards are holding about every play. We finally got one called there.

Panthamonium: We gotta get one more first down to run the clock out. No way we can give it back to them, they are moving the ball way too easy on us.

Fakeplastictrees: All I can say is wow regarding the outcome. It never really felt like the defense could stop the Cardinals in the 2nd half, BUT SOMEHOW we pulled it out. Game balls to Williams, Smith and Jarrett. Jarrett had a huge 3rd down catch right in front of us in Section 413 and tooka hit, but held on. I can't prove but given the ebb and flow of the game, that Jarrett catch could well have been the difference between a win and loss.

BTW, the Panthers just refused to bump the WRs of the Cardinals at the line of scrimmage. Warner rarely had his timing disputed and the Panthers were a tad fortunate.


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