AZ Scouts Travel East For Saturday Game

Arizona prevailed against the Carolina Panthers in the first half, but once on defense, they struggled to tackle any of the big cats. Will the defense once again be the focus of next year's draft or will the Cardinals pick up some O-line help? The Cardinals scouts will be in attendance of a college game on Saturday that has heavy hitters on both sides. Find out which matchup in this exclusive. Draft Expert Chris Steuber has confirmed that the following teams will be in attendance on Saturday for the Louisville, Syracuse game: Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals.*

Here is a list of players they will look at:


DT, Earl Heyman, Senior
CB, Woodny Turenne, Senior
QB, Hunter Cantwell, Senior
FB, Brock Bolen, Senior
C, Eric Wood, Senior


DT, Arthur Jones, Junior
RB, Curtis Brinkley, Senior
FB, Tony Fiammetta, Senior
OG, Ryan Durand, Senior
K, Patrick Shadle, Senior

*League reps ask to add a disclaimer stating that this information did not come from the team itself since the "players they're scouting" list contains undergraduates. happily obliges.

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