Marc Bulger Scouts Cardinals

Marc Bulger talks about the Arizona Cardinals defense as a whole and who he sees as the key players. He also talks about keeping in touch with Kurt Warner.

(On if he still has a relationship with Arizona QB Kurt Warner)

"I haven't talked to him since the summer. I switched my number and it is always a matter of us getting a hold of each others cell phone numbers but I haven't talked to him during this year. He switches his and I switched mine and he doesn't mess around with voicemails either so sometimes he is tough to get a hold of. I am sure next week sometime we will get a hold of each other."

On why Arizona has been so good against the Rams recently)

"I don't know. They have an exciting offense and (QB) Kurt (Warner) has them going. They are a really good football team with him back there and those receivers. It has been one of those rivalries and we have beat up on them for years and they have got us back lately. They are the best team in the division right now and it won't be easy on Sunday."

(On the Arizona Cardinals defense)

"They are good as a whole. (S) (Adrian) Wilson, I played against him for years and that is the one guy, it is important to know where he is at all times. They try to get him in the box as the eighth guy and they try to blitz him. He is a linebacker playing safety. You saw what he did to Buffalo's quarterback and he has hurt me in the past. He is just a big physical guy that you have to be aware of."

(On why Arizona's defense is giving up a lot of points this season)

"I don't know if it is because their offense scores too quick and teams have to start throwing the ball and that creates bigger plays. We know that they are going to score a bunch of points this week and Coach Haslett has talked about it, we have to score touchdowns. We can't just keep kicking field goals because they are going to score their share and it is up to us to keep us in the game this week."

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