Post Game Quotes: Antrel Rolle

Antrel Rolle was the difference maker on the Cardinals defense in week nine. After returning three interceptions for touchdowns last season, he picked up where he left off against the Rams, returning a pick for 40 yards straight to the end zone. Here is what Rolle had to say following his best game of the season.

(On the change in momentum following his interception in the second quarter)

"That's why it has to work both ways. If the offense doesn't get it going from the start, on defense we can score also. That's something we know and something we emphasized a lot this week, just trying to get the ball, trying to get turnovers."

(On if he thinks this was his best performance of the season)

"Hands down it was my best game of the year. I take things very personal. Last week, (Carolina WR) Steve Smith played, even though it was a judgment call, I just have to take it out of his hands. I can't let it come down to a judgment call, because we all know that we aren't going to win those battles each and every time.

That was our point of emphasis this week, tackling and hustling to each and every play. Our (defensive backs) coach Teryl Austin, our "T.A.," he did a great job with us this week. He let us slack off not one bit. At the snap of the ball, we need to take off each and every play. We did things that let us win."

(On the game plan to shut down the Rams offense)

"It was just our keys. We were all on. We know how we play defense. If we're on, we're on. That was our main point of emphasis today, to be on each and every play. Do not give up the big plays. We gave up a big play early, but we are a team and we have to bounce back from it."

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