Hightower Reaches New Heights

Tim Hightower may be a powerhouse on the field, but he's a humble character who understands what it means to have the support of his teammates. When Edgerrin James didn't start for the first time in his career, he was grinning from ear-to-ear because his protégé was putting points on the board. Hightower discusses what it means to have James on his side, talks about his bigger workload and more.

(General comments on game)

Tim Hightower: "I started to feel more comfortable as the game progressed and I'm thankful for the opportunity. I'd like to thank the O-line and the fullback, they did a great job all day. They opened up the holes and made my job a lot easier.

Also, Edgerrin (James) helped me out a lot this week in practice, just like he's helped me out all year. It relaxed me and prepared me and he showed me what things to look out for and he kind of watched out for me a little bit and it made things a lot easier when I was out there today."

(On his workload)

TH: "I expect to do whatever they tell me to do. One thing I try not to focus on is how many carries I'm going to get or what I'm going to do. I came in with the mindset that whatever they want me to do, I was going to do it to help the team win.

Regardless today if I had 20 carries, had five carries, played special team or whatever it was, that I was going to do whatever it takes to win. So I don't think I had my mindset on what my role was going to be or what I needed to do coming in."

(On rushing for one-hundred yards)

TH: "It feels a lot better when you rush for one hundred yards and you win. If we were sitting here with a loss, I don't think I'd be feeling too good. It's a division game, a very important game for where we stand and it felt good to come out in the first game and have this opportunity."

(On having the support of teammate Edgerrin James)

TH: "It's very important to me. It means a lot to me to have somebody like him. I look up to him a lot, I respect him a lot. From day one he's embraced me, he's taught me a lot of things and he's pretty much held me by the hand and walked me through a lot of things.

It helps when you have a guy like that who's been there and who's done that, who's had success and he's shown me everything and he's encouraged me when I come to the sidelines. He gives me some things to look for, gives me some things to work on and it helps the game slow down a lot more when you have not just two eyes, when you have four eyes looking and I feel like he's right out there with me. He's helped out a lot and I feel like he's a major reason for my success today."

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