Post Game Quotes: QB Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner was the name of the game in St. Louis. He went to his Rams' reunion in style racking up plenty of yards and giving his former city a show. But Warner wasn't alone in the 34-13 win over his old team. The Cardinals displayed the promise of their depth and playoff potential. Warner shares his thoughts of the game…

(On his feeling being back in St. Louis on Dick Vermeil day)

"That is probably the only bad part of this (day) was that I didn't get a chance to see the induction ceremony at halftime. I got a chance to speak with Coach (Vermeil) earlier in the week and have dinner together, which was nice. I know this was happening, I wish I could have been out there for it. Other than that, it was a great day. I got a chance to see old acquaintances from over the years. I always love to come back to St. Louis. It is a great place. The community is unbelievable. Really a good day all around for me."

(On comparing the Cardinals of today to the Super Bowl vintage Rams)

"It is a little bit like that. We have a long way to go to get to where we were with the Rams in those three seasons when we were flying high. But there are times where there are glimpse of what we did then. All I have been trying to do since I left here was try to recapture some of the specialness that we had. We've got moments of it now, hopefully we can put some more together and keep building on this thing and establish ourselves as good football team."

(On his mentality on offense)

"Our philosophy is that, we have to do what we are best at. What we are best at is spreading people out and making them dictate what we do with it. If they want to play one on one with our receivers, then we don't have any problem throwing it. The coaches have a lot of confidence in the way I am throwing it now, that I am protecting the football and doing the smart thing with the football and making good decisions, so we are going let teams really dictate what they want us to do in situations. If they want to drop an extra guy down to stop us from running it, we have no problem. We feel good about our passing game and what we can do in those sets."

(On what the win means in terms of breathing room in the division)

"It means absolutely nothing to me. This thing is a whole lot bigger than just a couple of games. We have not been in this position before. I don't care if it is eight or nines games, you keep the pedal down and keep going. There is only one goal at the beginning of the season and that goal is to win a championship. The division, that is great and goal number one, but we have to keep pushing. We are not anywhere close to where we need to be. That is my mentality on it. I am not looking at breathing room, I am looking at who's next and let's try to go out and get another win."

(On the play of RB Tim Hightower)

"I think it was huge. I think the great thing is that teams have to decide what the want to do. We have no problem throwing the football, but you want to try to take that away, then we can add a running game to that. We are a tough team to stop. It was nice to have us get it going today. Tim (Hightower) played well today, (RB) J.J. (Arrington) played well. Both those guys came in and ran hard. We were able to do what the defense allowed. We were successful in it and it will make us tougher."

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