AZ Cardinals' Scouts, California Dreaming

Call it work or call it a break from the norm, but a Cardinals scout will head to sunny California to scout some of the top talent that the country has to offer. One team is looking to rise back in the college rankings. Both squads want to hop on the Cardinals train that is moving to the top of the league. Find out where Arizona is heading and which players its scout will be looking at.

The Arizona Cardinals are no stranger to what USC has to offer. This Saturday, the Cardinals will look at some players with first round potential.'s Chris Steuber is reporting that the following scouts will be in attendance on Saturday for the USC, Stanford game: Marc Ross and Jerry Shay (New York Giants), Chris Grier (Miami Dolphins), Lionel Vital (Atlanta Falcons), Malik Boyd (Arizona Cardinals), Rashaan Curry (Buffalo Bills), Lonnie Young (Baltimore Ravens), John Becker (Indianapolis Colts), Rick Reiprish (New Orleans Saints) and Brad Kaplan (Oakland Raiders).

Could the Cardinals pick up another Trojan quarterback when their other one is playing out his rookie contract on the bench? Or will Arizona peek at Stanford for one of its quality offensive linemen?

Here is a list of the players they will look at:


OLB, Brian Cushing, Senior
MLB, Rey Maualuga, Senior
OLB, Clay Matthews, Senior
FS, Taylor Mays, Junior
SS, Kevin Ellison, Senior
DT, Fili Moala, Senior
CB, Cary Harris, Senior
DE, Kyle Moore, Senior
QB, Mark Sanchez, Junior
RB, Stafon Johnson, Junior
WR, Patrick Turner, Senior
WR, Vidal Hazelton, Junior
OT, Charles Brown, Junior
K, David Buehler, Senior


OLB, Pat Maynor, Senior
OLB, Clinton Snyder, Junior
DE, Pannel Egboh, Senior
DT, Ekom Udofia, Junior
CB, Wopamo Osaisai, Senior
CB, Kris Evans, Junior
SS, Bo McNally, Junior
RB, Anthony Kimble, Senior
RB, Toby Gerhart, Junior
OT, Chris Marinelli, Junior
C, Alex Fletcher, Senior

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