Last Look @ Monday's Win Against the 49ers

Cardinal Nation held their breath as the San Francisco 49ers marched down the field on the final drive of the night. Trailing the Cardinals 24-29, the 49ers reached the 1-yard line with 40 seconds left on the clock. Thanks to a slow spike, a few questionable play calls, and a stout Cardinals defense, the Cardinals came away victorious on Monday Night Football.

At Tuesday's press conference head coach, Ken Whisenhunt was proud of his guys.

"Those situations are always tough," Whisenhunt said. "We were in a situation like that against San Francisco last year. You have to be prepared. I think we were a better prepared team to handle a situation like that. I know San Francisco will be the next time their faced with that. I think that you learn from it. I'm glad we were prepared and we lined up and we didn't have any issues there."

The game came down to one play on the one at the end. Whisenhunt talked about how it went the Cardinals way.

"The line did a good job taking out there offensive line up front and Clark was the off-backer and he stepped up in the hole and hit the back. It was a good play by him. He was aggressive, he read it well. There line slanted down. Our defensive line did a good job creating a pile there and obviously Clark stepped in and made the hit. It was a good play for us."

Coming into week 10, The Cardinals were tied for the league lead in penalties. Monday night the Cardinals racked up 10 penalties totally 71 yards. Off sides cost the Cardinals points on more than one occasion. Whisenhunt wasn't ready to accept the idea that the Cardinals won't be able to cut down on penalties.

"I think there were a couple of penalties in the game yesterday when there seemed to be a lot of flags flying at that time. A couple of those false starts are unacceptable. We have to get that corrected. We are going to continue to work on that and at some point hopefully turn the tide and become better."

Whisenhunt hopes to keep building on the winning attitude he has created in the desert.

"We have to learn how to win under any situation. If you look at the history of teams that win, that win division, that win championships, you can always go into their season and find a couple of games where it's close. The important thing is that is there were a lot of things that were very difficult for us in the game yesterday but we were still managed to come away with a win. That's a sign of a team that is mentally tougher and expects to win, instead of expecting to lose.

He continued.

"With our team, with the change in the attitude and the way our players feel right now, wand that chemistry, I think that is something that's critical to having a chance to being successful. Our guys believe not only that we have a chance to win but they believe in each other. Even at halftime and even late in the fourth quarter, everybody was of the mind set that we were going to win that football game.

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