Cardinals Win It, Some Areas Need Fix-It

The Cardinals went to Seattle and got the job done for the first time in five years. The 26-20 win snapped Arizona's losing streak in the Pacific Northwest. More importantly, the Cardinals erased the superiority that the Seahawks have held in the division. But every game comes with areas the Cardinals could improve. Here is what didn't work in Seattle.

Here is what didn't work in the Cardinals 26-20 victory in Seattle:

--Week in and week out, what didn't work are penalties. If something doesn't give, the Cardinals are on pace to finish another season as the league-leaders in whistle blows.

Antrel Rolle was the first player in a Cardinals uniform to record a mistake on Sunday. In the second quarter, he was penalized for a holding call, which handed the Seattle Seahawks a first down.

Adrian Wilson wanted in the action shortly after as he received a holding call as well. On the day, the Cardinals compiled eight. Seattle received 52 easy yards.

--As rumored they would, the Cardinals tried their take of the Wildcat Formation. Anquan Boldin received the direct snap and rushed for three yards. Ken Whisenhunt likes to fool around with trickery offensive schemes, but leave this one for a team who doesn't have a Boldin or Fitzgerald to throw to, or a Tim Hightower to hand off to.

WR Anquan Boldin

--The offensive line opened up its play on Sunday by providing Kurt Warner enough safety, so he could play with confidence and comfort. But once the big guys up front started slipping, so did Warner's allowance in the pocket. Warner was dropped twice, and the Cardinals saw the Seahawks bring a more successful quarterback rush in the fourth quarter.

--A questionable decision by Warner to carry out a dead play to Jerheme Urban changed the momentum of the game. With less than two minutes to go in the first half, Seattle's Josh Wilson picked off Warner's pass intended for Urban. The pick established more buoyancy for Seattle and its fans.

--Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie came up big on Sunday. But when he pushed a Seahawks' player our of bounds, he got a bit twisted. He started to limp and favor one leg. The Seahawks saw the weakness and went right at him. Granted, the rookie cornerback would have crawled if he had to.

The first time Seattle tested the first-year defensive back, the play resulted in a penalty by Rodgers-Cromartie. The next play, Seattle ran a screen pass toward Rodgers-Cromartie, Maurice Morris brushed him off and went 13 yards for the touchdown. The decision to keep Rodgers-Cromartie on the field despite being visibly hurt made the game closer with a 13-7 advantage for Arizona.

--The tight end corps has been a pain in Ken Whisenhunt's thigh. Stephen Spach added to the pain with a false start.

--T.J. Duckett ran in the 1-yard touchdown for Seattle in the fourth quarter to close in, 26-13. The Cardinals were stuffing what they thought was the run as Duckett ran in off the outside.

--The offensive line allowed Brandon Mebane to inch toward Warner and knock the ball loose, which got Warner off the field immediately in the fourth quarter. After scoring minutes earlier, it was a poor time to put Seattle's offense on the field.

With Hasselbeck on the field due to his defense's fumble recovery, he was able to rush himself and earn the first down. His play set up Duckett to rush in his second touchdown of the game to make it a 26-20 contest after the extra point by Olindo Mare.

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