AZ Going Down a Road Its Never Known

Arizona has won three straight games to improve to 7-3 and are positioning itself as one of the NFC's elite teams. With a four game lead in the division, the Cardinals need just one more win to clinch the division, something they have not done in 33 years. The Cardinals aren't wasting anymore time. They know where they've been, and they are confident in the direction they are headed.

Ken Whisenhunt emphasizes the hard work that has gone into earning a winning record. He says the Cardinals have played some pretty good football against some good teams.

Sunday's game was intended to be a marquee match against two teams vying for the division, but Seattle was pretty much out of contention by mid-season. Key injuries to its receiving corps and a downed quarterback sank the Seahawks.

Arizona's 26-20 win over Seattle in the Pacific Northwest lifted the Cardinals to their best record through the first 10 games of a season since 1977.

The win finally silenced the Seahawks' 12th man after six years of visits to Seattle without a victory. Whisenhunt is taking a moment to breathe it all in, but he's too wise to get ahead of himself.

"We are in good position but it's not a done deal yet," Whisenhunt said. "It's great to be in this position, and we're very excited about it. But we also know we have a very difficult game coming up this week."

The reigning Super Bowl Giants will be a monstrous task in week 12, but don't expect the Cardinals' play to go south for the winter.

"It's obviously new territory for us to be in this position," Whisenhunt said. "Our approach is going to be, no matter what happens were going to play hard. I know on the team that I was on where we won a Super Bowl, we had to win to get in. So we played at a high level and that propelled us into the playoffs. Much like what I think happened with the Giants last year. I feel very strongly about us continuing with our preparation and the way were playing. It's a good problem to have."

The Cardinals are getting it done in a multitude of ways. Mid-season adjustments have them on a hot streak but the framework for success has been two years in the making.

Whisenhunt thinks teamwork has been the name of the game. He came in with a concept, and the players and organization bought into it. Whisenhunt still credits the two consecutive wins of last season as preparation for this season's winning ways.

This year, 8-8 isn't good enough. He's been clear in his message that the Cardinals will play the best players, and put in whoever will put Arizona in the best situation to win ball games.

"We've created a sense of competition, but fair competition," Whisenhunt said. "Our guys now have tremendous amount of belief in each other. We've done a number of things where were growing as a team. You can see it on the sidelines. There is no panic. Guys enjoy being around each other. That's a very important part of winning in situations where it gets tough. You have to be able to count on each other."

With a clinched division within their reach, the Cardinals will need to continue to play on momentum and with confidence.

There will still be some doubters, but even a Super Bowl ring doesn't silence the haters.

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