Sunday: An Old-Fashioned Shootout?

Just four years ago, Eli Manning and Kurt Warner went head-to-head for a higher position on the New York Giants' depth chart. These days they don different garb. Here is how Manning thinks he can beat Warner once again…

Question: We know you never look past the next game, but it is a little special for you going back to the scene of winning your Super Bowl?

Eli Manning: Yeah, I think it will be neat going back to that stadium. But I think it will be a different feel this week just because we are going to be in Arizona's stadium. And we are going to be the away team.

It should be a different crowd; a different feel. It is a new season. So our focus is on preparing this week and getting ready for the game. And once we get there I think our focus will be on Arizona and trying to win that game and nothing else.

Offensively what do you have to do to beat them?

A: Well, we have to try to keep the ball in our hands and eliminate them from getting a whole lot of possessions. Their offense is powerful, they can move the ball. Their defense is playing great also. They have a good pass rush and they try to put a bunch of guys in the box and stop the run. So we are going to have the throw the ball well, to try to run the ball when we can. But just try to convert first downs, keep the ball in our hands and score when we get in the red zone.

QB Kurt Warner in blue

You know what a hot hand can do. What do you think of the way Kurt Warner has performed?

A: From what I see, Kurt is playing great. He is throwing a high percentage. He is throwing touchdowns; not many mistakes. He could always throw the football well. And obviously he has a good feel of that offense and he has playmakers around him. And he is playing really well.

How comfortable were you when you played with him? What was it like being around him?

A: Kurt was a true professional. He took football very seriously. He prepared very hard and competed and wanted to play well and did for most of the time. So he is just a true professional. It is great to watch as a young quarterback coming in, to watch him prepare; watch how he practiced. He was very good to me in my time when I became a starter and helped me out.

How do you like playing in domes; do you like playing inside?

A: You don't have to deal with some of the weather factors. So I have always been pretty efficient in domes. But again, it all depends on the team you are playing. They have a good team so we have to come out ready to play.

Darnell Dockett will look to pancake Manning

How comfortable would you be if you had to get into a shootout with them?

A: You just never know what kind of game it is going to turn into. Obviously their offense is powerful. But we really expect our defense to play well and do their part. And offensively we are going to have to our part also.

And that is we know we are going to have to score some points and put some points on the board but also have to take care of the ball and try to have a good time of possession because we know their offense is powerful, so just eliminate some of their possessions.

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