Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner: Week 12

Team defense can play the role of an unlikely weekend savior. With proper insight and a little luck a team defense can be the difference between victory and defeat. When considering which team to start it is crucial to consider the opponent and health of the opposing squad. This week Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner brings the top five team defenses of week 12.

1. Denver Broncos: While Denver's defense has been unreliable this season, week 12 still brings an excellent opportunity for an enormous amount of points. Facing the lowly Oakland Raiders, the chances of a high scoring week are high. Javon Walker is out and the Raiders are reeling. The mental instability of Al Davis has certainly not helped matters and not even another round of Art Shell will be able to save this franchise. Capitalize on their weakness and enjoy a healthy amount of fantasy contribution from Denver's defense.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: As Detroit spirals down towards an epic disaster of a season, Tampa Bay heads to town looking to continue their bad fortune. A revolving door at QB, terrible coaching, and a porous defense all point to another Detroit loss. Tampa Bay's defense should provide a boost to any fantasy owner searching for guaranteed points.

3. Chicago Bears: St. Louis seemed to be on the road to recovery a few weeks back. After demoralizing losses to both Arizona and the New York Jets, this season is officially lost. Marc Bulger is throwing interceptions with ease and Torry Holt is on pace for the worst season of his career. Stephen Jackson has been plagued with injuries and their offensive line is not bothering to block anyone. After an embarrassing loss last week, the Chicago Bears are looking for redemption and smell the blood in the water. A large dose of blitzes should seal St. Louis' fate early.

4. Buffalo Bills: If Buffalo is going to stay in the AFC West race, they need a win over Kansas City. They should be focused and driven this week, while the Chiefs are already looking towards 2009. The return of Larry Johnson will provide a boost, but not enough to sustain a quality game. Similar to Detroit, the QB shuffle has prevented any rhythm from being created within the offense. Starting the Buffalo defense is the biggest gamble of the top five, but they could also provide the best returns.

5. Dallas Cowboys: Shaun Hill has been a dramatic improvement over the inconsistent J.T. O'Sullivan. That said Dallas should have a field day at home against the overmatched Niners. There is no doubt that Shaun Hill is a gamer. Simply being a gamer does not always translate to success on the field. Frank Gore will be the only threat to complete fantasy domination. Luckily, the Niners should be out of after the first quarter. That should force them to the air and also a multitude of turnovers.

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