Eagles Set Records, Cardinals Watch

The Philadelphia Eagles washed down Thanksgiving with an immense 48-20 win over the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles pure domination of the Cardinals kept the ball in Philadelphia's hands and had people wondering if the Cardinals even showed up to play. Here is what Eagles Head Coach Any Reid had to say about the win, his quarterback and stopping the Cardinals wide receivers.

On the win:

"I was proud of the guys for stepping up against what I think is a very good Cardinals team. I thought defensively, the guys were able to put a lot of pressure on [QB] Kurt [Warner]. We all know that he is a Hall of Fame quarterback, but we were able to put some pressure on him. We didn't have the number of sacks that we normally have, but at the same time, we caused him to throw some errant passes.

[FS Brian] Dawkins tied a team record for interceptions. That's very impressive. Offensively, it was great to see the offense get going. [QB] Donovan [McNabb] was flawless out there in the first half, and he did well the second half likewise, but we ran the football a little bit more in the second half. I thought he played very well. I thought the offensive line picked up from where they were a couple of games ago.

They played well in both the run and the pass game. It was good to get [RB] Brian Westbrook going. He had four touchdowns, and I thought he played an excellent game. [RB Lorenzo] Booker came in and I thought he ran very hard and did some nice things in there.

[FB] Kyle Eckel had a chance to get in there and do his thing. It was nice to get him on some of the short yardage situations, and I thought he did very well there. We were effective in the red zone, scoring six touchdowns after being in there seven times. We would have liked to have had seven, but we were able to get six out of that. All in all, a good night and a good Thanksgiving for everybody."

Lorenzo Booker

On whether the success of the Eagles running game helped loosen up the passing game:

"The run game worked. That was the thing that was important. We were getting good positive yards on it. Anytime you can keep the mix going between the run and the pass, I think that's important and it makes the defense obviously have to play and honor both. That helps you as an offense."

On the play of quarterback Donovan McNabb:

"He played well. He came out and was very determined. He did a great job of just commanding the offense. I'm not saying that he's not determined every time - that's not what I'm saying. He relaxed, and I thought he played well. I thought the offensive line protected him well. His receivers caught the football tonight, which I think is important. When you have drops, they disrupt the rhythm of things. All in all, I thought the offense functioned well."

On whether the benching of McNabb against Baltimore helped his performance tonight:

"I would probably give the credit to Donovan here, and not make a big deal about that part. He was under some scrutiny, and he kind of blocked everything out and went about his business. It's a credit to him – the kind of person he is, and the kind of athlete and quarterback that he is."

On his team responding to adversity despite a short week of preparation:

"I was proud of them. There were a lot of things said about them, and I think they blanked those out and trusted each other. We had some veteran players that were sore, and they're going to get three days off here and be back in on Monday so that they can freshen up. They just said, ‘You know what, we're going to sell out tonight, do our thing, and play our kind of football.' That's what they did."

On why the Eagles were able to run the ball with more success:

"I think it was a combination of things. I think Brian [Westbrook] will tell you that he probably felt better than he had the last couple of weeks. The offensive line was coming off the football. They were embarrassed the last couple of weeks with the way things were working, and they were determined to get that right."

On the improved health of running back Brian Westbrook:

"Coming off of a turf game [at Baltimore], I was a little worried about him being ready this game, but he actually felt better the last couple of days than he did on the longer week. We'll see how he does tomorrow."

On the importance of this win in terms of the Eagles trying to make a postseason push:

"You take them one at a time. It was important that we took care of business today. We have the Giants in a week-and-a-half, so we have to be ready for them. We'll focus on them, and we'll go from there."

On the play of the Eagle cornerbacks against Arizona's wide receivers:

"[CB] Sheldon [Brown] really got those guys going. He was firing everyone up out there. [CB] Asante [Samuel] was down, and Asante is a pretty good football player. We were playing against two of the best receivers in the National Football League, and I thought Sheldon did a nice job of rallying the troops and letting his veteran leadership show."

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