After Tough Week, AZ Hopes to Move On

Ken Whisehunt thinks the Cardinals came out flat on Thursday in Philadelphia; QB Kurt Warner would have to agree. Arizona couldn't find its rhythm and nothing went its way. Kurt Warner carries a lot of the burden on his shoulders as he contributed to turnovers and couldn't get it done. Here is what he thought of his playbook, the Cardinals back-to-back losses and more.

On the inability to play up to expectation:

"It's not the game that we wanted to play. I came out [and] I forced one early, got intercepted, [and that] started things. We didn't have our game today. It was across the board. I don't know if you can point at two or three guys; I think it was across the board. We didn't show up. We know it was a hard week -- we know all that stuff -- but you've still got to find a way to put the product on the field, and we just didn't do it nearly well enough today."

On the lack of balance in the offensive play-calling and whether it's possible to adjust this late in the season:

"It's tough. We've got to figure something out. When you're playing against good teams that have good schemes, it's tough to throw all the time. We've got to figure something out if we want to progress forward and obviously into the playoffs. It's tough to be a one-dimensional team and continue to be successful week-in and week-out. Do I think we do that as well as anybody in the league? Yes. Can we be successful doing it? Yes -- but it's tough to do it every single week.

We've just got to get better, and we've got to figure out a way to balance our passing attack and be able to run the ball better. Anything's possible. I think it's important that we do it. We just have to figure out the best way to do it, and how it best utilizes our players, and figure out some kind of balance."

RB J.J. Arrington

On what decisions he made since his hot reads were often covered:

"[The Eagles] were doing a good job. They were passing things off. They had a good plan coming in, playing some combination coverages that were passing some things off really well. They had a good idea of some of the things we were doing and passed it off, played it well. There have been some [similar] teams that we played in the past, and so we're going to have to go back and try to figure out some new concepts to be able to attack some of these teams that are playing us that way. But, yes, I give them credit.

They did a good job today. They have a quality secondary -- a lot of guys back there that can play -- and matched up well. But, again, we didn't make a lot of plays that we could've made, and that hurt us as well, but you have to give them a lot of credit."

"I don't know. Yes, probably, a little bit. It kind of felt like that. It was tough to get going and get into the rhythm of the game a little bit, for whatever reason. Obviously, down the stretch, as you get into it, you start feeling it more, and get into a rhythm. But, yes, it was tough early, for whatever reason. [I] can't explain it.

The hard thing is that, personally, I felt ready to go. My body felt good. I felt good traveling over here. I didn't feel tired. But, for whatever reason, I just didn't quite respond how I wanted to early.

I don't know what you can pin that on or what you can place that on, because I really felt like I prepared. I can't speak for all the other guys, but I was prepared. I was ready to go, and I was focused, but just didn't play as well as I would like to."

On whether he thinks defenses are starting to adjust to their offense or the team is just slipping down the stretch:

"I think it's a combination of both. I think we're playing against good defenses with good schemes that are playing us well, and I see us not doing -- especially this game -- not doing things as well as we normally do. Last week I felt that we played fairly well, other than making a few mistakes.

Today, I just don't feel like we were on top of our game, and we made a lot more mistakes than that, coupled with a good defense with a good scheme -- that was the combination that created the blowout today."

WR Larry Fitzgerald

On how tough it is to come back from an early deficit:

"It's always tough to come back and to fight our way back into something. The one great thing about this team is we continue to do that -- we continue to fight and believe that we can come back from anything. It's always tough on the road, [and] it's always tough the way they were playing tonight.

They were playing good football tonight. They put some things together and played well. It's always tough to come back against a good football team in those circumstances, and obviously we didn't play well enough throughout the whole game, not just when we got down. Even through the second half, we were making a number of mistakes that made it hard for us to really get back in the game."

On how the team will respond to back-to-back losses:

"You have to respond. There's a lot in front of us. We win one more game, [and] we win our division -- we get into the playoffs. That's what you play for. There's a lot of stuff in front of us, so if you can't get excited and prepared and ready to go… We ran into a really good team last week, [and] had a tough week this week traveling all the way out here and playing this game.

We didn't play our best game, but that can't make your season or break your season. We've got a lot of stuff in front of us. We'll take a little bit of time off and get healthy, and then we'll get back to work and have to win some games down the stretch."

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