Report Card: Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

The past two games aside, the Cardinals have made the grade week in and week out. But two NFC East challengers have derailed the Cardinals winning train. Here is the Cardinals report card from Philadelphia.

PASSING OFFENSE: D -- Kurt Warner was intercepted three times and receiver Anquan Boldin dropped two passes and fumbled twice, losing one. The Eagles controlled Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

RUSHING OFFENSE F -- The Cardinals tried to run early but had no yards after four attempts. Rookie Tim Hightower is struggling and needs to put his head down and gain tough yards. Edgerrin James didn't play.

PASS DEFENSE: F -- The Eagles had four touchdown passes and quarterback Donovan McNabb was rarely pressured.

RUSH DEFENSE: F -- The Eagles aren't a rushing team but they gained 185 yards against the Cardinals. Brian Westbrook had huge holes to run through and the Cardinals' front was dominated.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C- -- No big plays but no huge gaffes, either. Punter Dirk continues to struggle and punt returner Steve Breaston hasn't broken a big one this season.

COACHING: F -- The Cardinals didn't look like they were mentally ready to play. Whatever the Eagles tried, worked. They had an excellent game plan against the Cardinals.

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