What Happened to Anquan Boldin in Philly?

Don't call Anquan Boldin a wide receiver, he is an athlete. In all definitions of the word, he is. Boldin can run the ball like a fullback, he doesn't go down on initial contact, he makes the ball his own and his stellar attributes go on. He is a great competitor, but he was completely disconcerted in Philly. So what in the world happened to him? Here are his post-game thoughts…

On his play in the game:

"I am very disappointed in my play in the game. I have never played as bad of a game. I had two fumbles and two dropped balls and that is not me. There is no excuse for it and I put some of this loss on myself. I am too much of a part of this offense to not play well in the game."

On whether he felt Ok going into the game with the short week:

"I felt great but I just did not play well. I am disappointed because I wanted to help us clinch our division this week. In the league, it does not happen that much that you can clinch this early. We let the opportunity slip away tonight and that is not good. We cannot let this one game though define our season."

On the play of the offense as a unit in the game:

"I think overall we are disappointed because we had a chance to clinch the division. In this league when you are given such an opportunity you cannot let that slip away. Tonight we really let an opportunity slip away."

On if he was disappointed to fumble the ball as much as he did:

"It just overall was a bad game for me. I really do put this loss on my shoulders and I am to much a part of the offense to come out and perform the way I did. I truly have never had a game like this. I just really have to play better from now on. After I fumbled a couple of times, I did come back and make some grabs for good yardage. I felt like I was in rhythm and then dropped another one and just did not have a great game."

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