Ken Whisenhunt's Thoughts on Rams and More

Ken Whisenhunt is about to lead the Cardinals into a feat not accomplished in 10 years, a playoff run. Here he talks about getting past the Rams to clinch the division, the playmakers in St. Louis, if Kurt Warner is playing at an MVP level, the NFC East competition, Tim Hightower and much more. Catch up Whisenhunt who is the bearer of good news.

(On his season so far)

"It has been up and down. We have gone on some streaks where we won a few games and we have lost two in a row and we came back. It has been up and down. We have had periods we have played well and that has been exciting."

(On the possibility of clinching the NFC West this weekend)

"It is always exciting to have a chance to get into the playoffs. It is a very difficult thing to do in this league and we are excited to have a chance to do that. We also recognize that the Rams are going to be a tough opponent. Anytime you play a divisional game, especially in a game like this, they are going to give you their best shot."

(On if the community is excited about the Cardinals making the playoffs)

"I think the community is very excited about that. I think it is not something that has happen since the team has been in Arizona and there have been a number of years where we have just been out of it at this time of the year. I think that, even though we are disappointed because of the last two games, our fans are still excited about us having the opportunity to win the division and getting into the playoffs."

(On the possibility of having the first home playoff game in Arizona in over 50 years)

"I am excited for our team first and for most because they have put in the hard work. It has been a difficult schedule this year just from the standpoint of all the travel and the teams that we played. I am excited for the community because we have had great support from our fans especially at out home games. I think it would be something special to have the opportunity to do that at home."

Chris Long

(On how dangerous the St. Louis Rams are)

"I think they have a number of playmakers on that football team. They have some good young players especially (DE) Chris Long. I think he is doing a nice job and has really improved since the last time we played them. (DE) Leonard Little is always a problem off the edge and (RB) Steven Jackson looks like he is playing a lot better. He looks like his normal, scary self. I don't ever underestimate this quarterback because he can light you up when he gets hot. They have a number of weapons especially with those young receivers that have been dynamic for them this year. They certainly get you concerned."

(On RB Tim Hightower)

"We made the switch because we wanted some opportunities to have some long runs. We did that in the St. Louis game the first time. We had some plays that were longer then what we had done here before. He was somebody that worked very hard as a young player and shown the ability to be successful in the situations that we put him in earlier games. We felt at that time, it would be something that would help our running game. He had a good game in that game but we certainly haven't run the ball very well since then. That is one of the areas that we are trying to improve on."

(On how exciting it is to clinch the division at home)

"It would be exciting for us but it also would be exciting for our fans. I have seen clips of this team and the last time they went to the playoffs and they won a game at the end of the season. Just the excitement that I saw for that tape and from what I have heard from people, it would be a very exciting time if we were able to do that."

(On when did he watch the NFL video of the Arizona Cardinals)

"It was one of the things that I saw when I first got here. It was just talking about when they made the field goal to put them into the playoffs back in 1998. Just the excitement that you saw in the stands and on the sidelines from the NFL clips of it. You could just tell that there was a tremendous amount of excitement and from what I have heard from people about the way the city responded at that time just makes me think that it would be very exciting for the city if we could do that."

(On if he has shown the video to the team)

"They have seen those tapes before and it is not something that we dwelled on this year. When we first got in here last year just as far as some of the highlight films that we showed, they have seen that because this is something significant to this franchise and that was that they did make the playoffs here. There haven't been a number of highlights in the years past so, yes, they have seen that."

(On if QB Kurt Warner is playing at an MVP level this year)

"I believe he is. Just from a standpoint statistically, I think he qualifies for that and from what he has done for our football team. How he has managed our football team in certain situations and played well on a team that has had a fairly good season. I think he deserves some consideration for that."

Arizona Cardinals

(On the Arizona Cardinals finishing strong to end the regular season)

"It helped to have a break after the Thursday night game even though that was a disappointing game. It was nice to give our players a break to get away from it and I think that helps you focus for the stretch and the last four games. We are trying to play better football and we played to good football teams and it was a tough two game stretch in 10 days. I think we are working on rebounding from that and getting back to what we have been doing well this season."

(On S Adrian Wilson)

"I think he does a number of good things for us. As far as having the ability to get back in coverage and make some plays on the ball and he is a dynamic pass rusher inside or outside because of his size and speed. He has a very good knack for finding the holes and exploding through them. (S) Adrian (Wilson) is a dynamic player for us and he has had a very good season for us this year. Hopefully, he will continue at that level for us this week."

(On playing against the NFC East)

"It is a pretty good division. When I was in the AFC North a few years ago, it was a pretty good division and they have a lot of similarities because all the teams are playoff teams and any given week, they are as good of a team as there is out there."

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